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The Night With the Ouija Board

Victoria, Australia
June 1999

Ihave always had a deep fascination about ghosts. Last year, the night my friends where having a "Moving outta home party" I decided that my friends and I should explore the unknown world...What little did I know that it would change the way I thought about ghosts forever...

There house was a small home, one living room, kitchen, bathroom, and 3 bedrooms. The house was empty, only a few chairs and tables to host the "moving out" party. With myself bored and my friends bored, we decided to pull out the Ouija board, and have a little fun. We pulled out the candles, and headed down to one of the bedrooms, just the 6 of us.

The room was a small bedroom, one closet, one mirror and a small window, with curtains and windows shut, as it was a cold night, no wind was blowing. As we nestled ourselves down on the carpet and set up the Ouija board with our planchette and lit up 4 candles, one for each corner of the board. The lights were then turned out. As we all held our hands together I began the seance. I began to say "Contacting spirts of the unknown world, show yourself now". Here I am thinking that this is not true and all a load of rubbish, I felt a breeze past through the room, I opened by eyes to notice the curtain blowing. As soon as everyone opened their eyes, the curtain stopped blowing. Everyone was shaken, shivers ran down my spine. However we wanted to keep going. We decided to ask the "spirt" questions. With everyone's hand on the planchette we asked "Are you in this room at this very moment?" The pointer went to "yes" Everyone dropped the planchette, before we began our seance we promised not to lie, we wanted an experience and to see if ghosts really do exist. We asked the spirt to show its self. As soon as we did the candles blew out, into a puff of smoke, the window shook violently, curtains blowing continuously and the door slammed shut. In a hurry everyone scrambled out of the room, shaking, screaming. Fear ran all through my body. As we sat in the lounge room, no one spoke. Terror filled everyone's faces, no one dared go into the same room again. The owners of the house were shaken, but glad this was there last night.

To this day we have never spoken about that one night in Rawson, I still believe in ghosts, and I am still shaking with terror about the night with the Ouija board. I never dare touch an Ouija board again, or ever dare set foot near the house or the bedroom again. For the spirt I have no idea who we contacted and set free into this world, but as I know we should let the dead rest in peace and we should play around with the dead.

Victoria, Australia
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