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The Night Worker

Julie Hynan, UK
October 2001

This is a story my father told me and I have heard many times over the years - even when he tells other people when I'm not there, he has no reason to lie!

My dad used to work on the old ships on the canal - very often night shifts. The engine rooms - as most of you know- used to be down a ladder - only one way in and out! well one night he was at the top of the ladder doing his work and he looked down to see a guy in overalls with his oil can working on the engine. Not recognising him as one of the workers my dad shouted down to him a couple of times. He got no answer so he climbed down the ladder. When he got down there he looked all around, keeping his eye on the ladder all the time, but he just couldn't find this man anywhere. Thinking he had missed him go up he climbed back up the ladder to check out the deck! When he reached the top and looked down...there was the same man, carrying on with his work! He went back down and again he was gone so he went back up to check and there he was again! I don't think he saw him again but he wasn't spooked!

Another story from my mum and dad. Years ago we used to live in a house on a quiet estate in widnes. One morning my mum got up to find what looked like ketchup splattered all across the wall above the fireplace - like somebody had got a paintbrush and splattered it. However it wasn't paint or ketchup but blood. There was no evidence as to where this came from - I hadn't been born and my sister was a baby! My Mum simply wiped it away and never thought anything about it! STRANGE!

Has anyone else had anything like this happen?..

Julie Hynan, UK
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