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The Nightly Visit

Martine, NSW, Australia
October 2008

This experience happened to me in the 90's when I was five or six years old. My sister and I shared a room, my bed faced the door to our room and the record and tape player.

Every night I would wake up for no reason except that I would feel uneasy and a little scared. I would then look over to my record and tape player to see a man in his 40's, in blue and white stripey pyjamas looking through my tapes as if selecting the music he wanted to listen to. I don't think this was a nice ghost as I always felt I had to hide so he wouldn't see me. If He did see me I think it wouldn't of been a nice experience.

This visit happened most nights when I was that age. Although I cannot recall as to when they stopped happening. I didn't recognise the ghost and when I told my Mum and described the ghost she said he didn't sound familiar. I've always found it strange though that my sister never woke to see the same man rumaging through our tapes. And when I have told her about the man appearing I don't think she has ever truly believed me.

Martine, NSW, Australia
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