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The Noise

Chrissy, NY, USA
May 2003

I never saw what I heard but it creeped me out. I'm not sure if it was just me or if it was something. I told my friend Kathryn about it and she agreed that it was probably a ghost. Ok here goes.

Well I'm going to start with the oldest experience I had.

When I was about 7 or 8 I was in my room listening to my radio and my cousins came over. I decided to go outside and play a game with them. I shut my radio off because my mother is literally a clean freak and obsessed with shutting things off when your not using them. My mother called me in a little while later. I came in and she started lecturing me about shutting my radio off. I said I did shut it off. She said "What did it turn itself on?" so I had to shut it off again. I still don't know how it got turned on. I asked her if it was her but she said no and my Mother never lies, she hates liars.

This happened to my mother.

She can always tell when she's being watched at night. When my sister and I were little and we were scared and wanted to crawl in bed with her we'd stand by her bed and watch her sleep till she woke up and told us to get in. Well she woke up and thought maybe me or my sister were sick or wanted something, when she looked around she didn't see anybody and then she heard footsteps on the stairs. I sleep downstairs with my dog so she thought maybe my dog or I were upstairs and left. She had to use the bathroom so she got up and when she got to the stairs nobody was there. She walked down and looked by the door and my dog was lying there sound asleep. She went into the bathroom and while she was washing her hands she heard someone playing with the door knob. When she opened the door nobody was there. So she went back upstairs and checked on my sister and I and we were asleep. She went back to her bed and did what I would do, hid under the covers. While she was trying to fall back to sleep she heard noises on the stairs.

This happened most recently. Before spring break I had gotten Strep throat and I didn't feel too well the first few days of my spring break, so I was going to bed rather early. I would get up early around 8 or so and get on the computer. My friend Kathryn is always on early for some reason and I was talking to her. When I went to the bath- room I thought I heard someone come downstairs. I went back into the dining room where my computer is and started talking to Kathryn. I heard someone in the kitchen and thought my sister had gotten up and I hadn't seen her when I came out of the bathroom. She was being loud so I hollered to her to be quieter. She didn't answer so I went out into the kitchen. Nobody was there. I told Kathryn and she said it was weird. I forgot about it after a while and then I heard something like my bathroom doors closing and opening. It wasn't like slamming the door just closing it gently.

My house isn't very old. It's only about 50 years old and theres only been three families who have lived here including my family. Also, nobody has ever died here.

I sat quietly for a moment and muted the computer so I wouldn't hear when Kathryn sent a message because it's rather annoying and loud. I kept hearing it and I told Kathryn. I went to the kitchen and knocked on the bathroom door. Our house is in a circle. When you walk in to your right is the dining room and to your left is my room and strait ahead is more living room. Theres a doorway to the bathroom and then when you walk through the bathroom there's another door you go through that leads you to the kitchen. Then there's a doorway that leads you to the dining room (just so you've got the picture in your mind :) After I knocked nobody answered. I knocked again. Still no answer. I opened the door. Nobody was there. I went back to the dining room and told Kathryn what happened. She and I were totally freaked out.

The next day I was talking to Kathryn again and I heard the noise again. This time I wasn't going to sit alone in the dining room. I woke my sister up. I hear noises in the kitchen still. This happened only 3 days ago. When we got home I came up on the steps next to the door I thought I heard the TV so I thought my dad was up so I knocked on the door so I wouldn't have to unlock it. No answer so my Mom unlocked it or she tried to but the door wouldn't unlock it was like someone was holding the door knob so she couldn't. She was trying to turn it and it wouldn't turn, she hurt her hand and she broke her nail, so thinking it was my dad she said "Great, now he made me break my nail so I can't scratch his back (he loves to have his back scratched don't ask why.) So she tried again and it wouldn't unlock finally it did. I ran upstairs thinking he had ran upstairs so we wouldn't know it was him. He was asleep. Thinking he was pretending I went downstairs to see if the TV channel had changed (he usually watches TV so I thought that maybe he'd changed it but he hadn't so I thought maybe it was the computer I had heard, but it was asleep and it takes a while to have it go back to sleep. This all happened in like 10 minutes and it takes like 15 just for the screen saver to come up and like 20 for it to sleep and it was asleep (I had left the computer on while we were gone) we asked my dad if he had done it and he swore he hadn't.

My Mom doesn't beleive we have a ghost. She thinks the door was stuck.

Chrissy, NY, USA
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