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The Northern Lights Motel

Bri, Michigan, USA
November 2005

Recently some of my family came to visit me and decided to stay just outside of town in a motel called "Northern Lights". I took a couple of days off of work to stay there with them and spend as much time with them as I could.

At the end of the first night, my aunt, uncle, and cousin all headed to their room next door to relax and get ready for bed. My dad, step mom and myself all got into our pajamas and into our beds to watch some TV. About 10 minutes later, we heard a loud clang come from the bathroom. We all looked at each other, confused, since there was nothing in the bathroom besides a toilet, shower and sink. No shelves for anything to sit on or fall off of, not even any shampoo or soap to fall into the tub. We all got up and poked our heads into the bathroom, to find, just as we figured, nothing.

We got back into our beds and turned our TV off so we could try to get some sleep. Even though throughout the night the clanging continued, with no possible explanation. About an hour after "lights out", my watch alarm suddenly started going off. I didn't have it set, I've never set it before, and I don't even know HOW to set it. But when we flipped the light on, sure enough it had somehow been set to go off at 12:45, and no matter what we did to it we couldn't get it to shut off!

Finally after beating it off the bed several times it stopped, and we shut the lights off and laid back down. About 45 minutes later our TV turned on by itself. At first we figured the wake up timer must have been set on it. But when we tried to figure out how, we discovered that since it was an older TV, it didn't HAVE a wake up timer on it. The remote control was on the desk next to the TV, which was on the other side of the room, so it was impossible for any of US to turn it on.

The next day, we asked the other half of our group if they had any troubles through the night. Of course they hadn't. We tried to forget about it by spending the day on the beach, but that night proved to be even weirder than the night before.

We went to bed earlier, being worn out from the beach, and my dad even turned his cell phone off so nobody would call and wake us up. But it was kind of hard to sleep once the loud clanging started back up in the bathroom again. Then at about 12:15 the TV turned itself on once again. At a completely different time than the first, which made us POSITIVE that it wasn't just a sleep timer. We turned it off and tried to go back to sleep, but at 1:00am exactly my dads cell phone turned itself on and started freaking out, going through every ring tone and sound and flashing. We all jumped up and watched it for about 30 seconds, until it just stopped and shut itself back off. My dad picked it up and tried to turn it back on, but the battery (which was fully charged before) was now dead.

From that point on we COULDN'T sleep. They left the next morning, unable to spend another night in that motel. Next time they come up, I'm sending them to a Holiday Inn!

Bri, Michigan, USA
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