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The Not Quite so Quiet Duplex

October 2001

In '94 my husband and two children moved into a duplex to live after a freak accident happened that burned the house we had lived in for years.

I was not unhappy to finally be out of that particular house because strange things had happened in that house for the duration of the time that I had lived there. But that's a totally different story, that I may later submit.

We had been in the duplex for about a year and a half, when my 12 year old daughter came racing into the living room out of her bedroom and told me that something had just pounded behind her dresser three times loudly. She also informed me that she had been hearing footsteps in her bedroom at night (just like our old house.) She begged me to let her sleep in the living room that night. I thought that since we had strange occurrences at our old house, that maybe her imagination was working overtime, after all what were the odds of ending up in another place with strange going ons?

The next puzzling experience happened one afternoon after I had gotten out of the front bathroom after soaking in the tub. I got dressed and walked into the living room asked my husband a question. My husband (David), did not answer me but gave a dirty look and turned his head. I asked him what was wrong with him because he had been fine when I entered the bathroom, and was in a good mood. He claimed that he had something that he wanted to ask me, and was upset that the door was locked while I was taking a bath. He claimed that he pounded on the door and yelled for several minutes yet I never responded. Now I ran that bath water slowly into the bathtub, I would have heard him very clearly, yet I heard NOTHING! I even pulled my daughter out of her room which is right next to the bathroom, she had not been playing the radio or watching TV, and she also claimed that She too had not heard her father yelling and pounding on the door. I thought my husband must have been working too hard or something and was mistaken. However, what happened next got my attention.

It had been about two months later and my husband was not at home one evening, when I had just come down the hallway and noticed my son Justin ,9, at the time was in his room with the door shut playing a video game he had got earlier in the day. Directly across the hall from his room, my daughter Ashley, was in the bathroom taking her evening bath. I walked into the livingroom and sat down in my recliner to watch television. After a few moments I heard Ashley yelling from the bathroom intermittently. I could clearly see the entire bathroom door from my vantage point. I had figured she had a brush or a comb stuck in her hair and that she was trying to get it out, and that was the reason for her yelling. Suddenly, she flung open the door, with a towel around her looked at me and screamed, "Why didn't you make him stop?!" I asked her what she was talking about, and she said, "Justin kept pounding on the door while I was taking a bath!" I told her that her brother was nowhere near the door, and that I had heard her but, did not know why she had actually been yelling. At that point she opened Justin's door and dragged him out and started yelling that I needed to punish him! Ashley couldn't believe that Justin hadn't been near that door. Justin was completely baffled at her behavior.

Now what is going on? Two months before, my husband said he was pounding on the door, and I didn't hear anything, and now, my daughter is claiming someone is pounding on the door and she is the only one who heard it? This was just the begining for some other odd events.

Here I will list them:

(1) I heard a voice yell out "Mom!" I was not asleep and jumped out of bed and realized that the voice had come from the foot of my bed.

(2) I was getting ready for work one morning and was walking down the hall and was terrified when out of my son's empty dark room was a Donald Duck-like voice chattering away under his bed!(I am getting goose-bumps as I write this,no pun intended!) I walked into the livingroom to see if Disney channel was on. It wasn't. Nor was there a radio on in his room or any toy that could account for what I clearly heard.

(3) The stereo in our living room came blasting on at 3:00 in the morning all by itself!

(4) Both toilets on the same days at the same time twice one year apart turned the color pink! I am not joking or making any of this up. What ever did this did it intentionally. They were stopped and then it screamed at the top of it's voice in front of the kids. It sounded like it was in the middle of the livingroom. A few minutes later my daughter ran in frightened, she had gone to the back part of the house and it had started moaning in front of her. She said that it sounded like it was in the doorway of the back bathroom.

Lastly, Ashley had been hearing voices and church-like singing in the hallway. She asked me if I had been up singing in the hallway. NO. Two months later I heard the woman singing myself. My eyes even followed her invisible body as it came into the livingroom and into the kitchen to sing a couple of bars of what indeed sounded sort of like church music. No words just notes.

Before I forget I did hear something else, the last Christmas we were there we came in from feasting at family gatherings all day and into the evening. I got up out of bed to take some antacid and sit in my recliner, when a hushed excited voice said, "Mom!" only it came from an empty couch, and my kids were sound asleep. I turned off the lights very fast and went to bed. That's the stories of the duplex. By the way, we never heard the people next door when there were any.

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