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The Nursery In The Inn

Kirsten, Nova Scotia, Canada
June 2004

This story didn't happen to me. It happened to my parents and little brother (who fortunately was sound a sleep at the time so he never knew). It just happened 2 nights ago in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia....

Anyway on with the story. My parents rented a large room with 2 double beds in an inn in Lunenburg Saturday night and Mom and Dad stayed in one bed and my brother in the other. About 1am my mom was woken by what sounded like a baby crying. She ignored it for a while and just went back to sleep. but she couldn't sleep because the baby was really loud and it sounded like it was coming from their room over in the corner at the end of my brothers bed. She figured it must be a baby in the room next door. She said the baby sounded not much more then maybe a year old and sounded really sick. She later heard what sounded like the mother singing to the baby about an hour later.

She tried to get back to sleep. But she kept getting woken up and at about 4am she finally got up and went to the bathroom (shared bathroom out in the hall) and decided to just see if she could offer the people in the next room any help. She knocked really softly on the door and a woman came to the door looking slightly sleepy and annoyed. Mom asked her if everything was ok and if they needed any help and the woman gave mom a weird look and said "No everything's fine.".

So my mom went back to their room to try and get some sleep. She still couldn't sleep because the baby was still crying. This went on for another hour or so and the cry's lower and lower and the singing louder and louder. Then all of a sudden the cry's stopped with a deep breath and then the singing stopped and what sounded like a loud strangled sob and light wail occurred. Then quiet. Mom again got up and just went to listen at the door and everything seem fine so she figured the baby just stopped crying and the mom was overcome with exhaustion or something and made the little cry.

The next morning (well same one I guess) at about 11am my parents and brother checked out of the inn. The Inn keeper asked my parents if they enjoyed their stay and had a good nights sleep. Dad and my brother said yes right away but my mom must have looked disturbed because the inn keeper pulled her aside and asked if she was ok. Mom said yes then said don't take this as a complaint because it's not but she said I didn't sleep well because of the baby crying. The inn keeper looked at her really funny and said "Dear, what do you mean?" Mom explained what happened the night before and the annoyed/puzzled look on the other woman's face when she knocked on the door asking if there was anything she could do to help. The inn keeper laughed and said "No wonder dear, she had no children and certainly not a baby. In fact, your son was the youngest person here last night!"

My mom was stunned. She was like how's that possible! The the inn keeper went on to tell my mom that the room they stayed in used to be a nursery when the home was a single family home and sometime in the early 1900's there was a young mother with twin babies and one of the babies was really sick. The baby died but the night the baby died supposedly the baby cried all night and the mother sang to her trying to soothe her!

Supposedly a lot of people had heard the baby but the inn keeper decided not to make it known because she was scared it would scare away customers. All I can say is next time my parents go to that inn I want to be there!! And they said they would go back and request that specific room to see if they can see anything!

Kirsten, Nova Scotia, Canada
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