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The Oddness of it All

Casey Ann, PA, USA
December 2001

Throughout my childhood years I have experienced numerous ghostly phenomenons. Some have happened near my home as where others at my Grandparents home.

>My grandparent's home is rather old and it is a two story house. Their upstairs is haunted. My mother told me stories of when she grew up there. The bathroom door would open and close regularly. The bathroom door is on slides. It is like a sliding shower door. My mom decided she would investigate one night and she walked into the bathroom and said out loud: "This is my house now, go away." The bathroom door hasn't done anything since then.

My great-grandmother died in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Her presence is felt always. At times you will smell her musk perfume and feel a cold spot. When my brother was an infant he would take his naps in the room that my great- grandmother died in. We wouldn't put a blanket over him but there always would be a blanket on him when you come back upstairs to check on him.

My own experience at my grandmother's home was simple but frightening at the same time. I was upstairs in my bedroom and I was looking in the closet. I always have a habit of singing when I am upstairs so I won't hear anything. But I stopped singing because I heard footsteps. They were rather heavy footsteps and it sounded as if they were walking up the hallway. The hallway is carpeted mind you. I ran down stairs and asked if anyone had been up stairs,no one had.

Another time I was playing in the playroom. There is a vinyl door and it was closed. None of the windows were open and there wasn't a breeze. The door started to be pressed against from the outside in. I thought it was the cat but when I said "Go away" the vinyl door started to be pushed from the inside out. I decided to go down stairs at that point.

Near my home is a large empty field. If you go past this field you will see something running up it. The field is rather slanted and if you are walking or driving you will see something moving. I saw an outline of a man in furs and >leather, but my mom just saw a dark outline. But the ironic part of it is we both saw the figure at the same time.

Those were my experiences but I am sure I have had more and will have more. You may question the authenticity of ghost stories, but I am a firm believer. I hope that you enjoyed...

Casey Ann, PA, USA
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