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The Old Church In The Countryside of England

June 2003

It was a cold day in the middle of June when my parents, grandparents, sister and I arrived at this old church in this small little town. The church had been around for a long period of time and by the looks of the graveyard so had it as well. We were there for one main reason and that was to look around at the graves and see if there were any of my grandpa's family buried there.

While they were all looking outside I went inside the little church, which was still in use by the residents of that little town but also by some of the spirits of the moors. So as I was walking in by the alter I noticed out of the corner of my eye there was a dark sort of figure. As I turned around my vision became more clear and I noticed that it was a girl, who by the looks of her appearance, was in her teens and dressed for church. That is when the smell of lavender began to fill the room and I became somewhat dizzy, so I had to sit down. When I looked up the girl was gone and she could not have gone out the door because the door creaked and I was only looking down for like a minute. Also the lavender smell was gone to.

That is my story on the dealings with one of the many ghosts of the moors.

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