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The Old Convent

Julie, Auckland, New Zealand
March 2006

I used to live in South Africa. (I was born there). My grandmother and I had to go to a hospital to get some medication for my mother. They had just built a new section onto this place, the other section was old.

My mother had just gone to a waiting room in the old section of the building to wait for her medication. My grandmother and I got out of the car and decided to go and look for her.

We walked into the back entrance and up the old staircase. A while later, far in front of us, I saw this line of nun's walking ahead. I didn't think it strange at first, but soon came to the conclusion that you would not usually get nun's walking through a hospital. They were all quite old and were wearing an old styled nun's outfit, white tunic, veil, etc..
They turned a corner into a long passage. We were walking straight, so I looked down the corridor. They seemed to have disappeared! They could not have possibly run down the corridor, Nun's are not allowed to run, and there were no doors near the front of the corridor, only three doors down the end.

I thought about what I'd seen and was a little creeped out, perhaps I hadn't seen a door that they disappeared through due to it all being a creamy mint green? But they were too close to us, I would have seen the end of the line.

Months later, I picked up a pamphlet about the old hospital. It turned out that there had previously been an old convent on the same piece of land back in 1869. The building was then abolished in the 1920's and they replaced it with the hospital. They had apparently closed the convent because Nun's were mysteriously dying from some kind of incurable disease, maybe they thought it was haunted?

I was pretty freaked out by that.

Julie, Auckland, New Zealand
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