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The Old House (2)

Nicole Ivanova, Haskovo, Bulgaria
May 2010

As long as I can remember there were always strange things happening around me. Like the time when I heard strange footsteps in my room, but there was no-one except me there , or the time when I saw a strange mist coming towards me but the scariest and the most confusing event was in the old house.

I know very little about the site where our block of flats is built. The only thing is that once there were small houses where people from the 19th century lived and died. One of the house was still standing but fortunately they destroyed it 3 years ago. I've always been curious about it because people often said that at night you could hear laughter or the crying of a woman. I once myself had the opportunity to go inside. And I often regret it. The story begins like this:

It was a warm summer evening and me and my friend Mirella (she lives in the block of flats above mine) were bored. We were 12 years old then and didn't know what to do because all the other kids had gone to the sea side. So we decided to go in the old house, of course not believing all of the rumors about ghosts.

Going inside was easy, all we did was climb the fence (it was 2m high) and went through the deserted garden. When we reached the entrance we saw that the front door was missing, probably stolen by someone. We went in. The smell of fungus and rotted wood was very strong, the house was deserted since 1913. We didn't get any flashlights because when we went in it wasn't dark yet and that was I think our biggest mistake.

First we went on the second floor and that was when the first strange thing happened. We were walking close to one and other and heard something moving behind us, as any normal person we immediately stopped and turned around - no-one. Scared we continued forward into the first room. It was small and it had strange brown spots on the walls and they looked as if it was kind of liquid (I still like to think that that wasn't blood).There was a door leading to another room so I suggested to Mirella to go in, but it was getting a little dark so she decided to stay in the other room. I said OK and went in, after a minute she screamed out of horror. Terrified I went back, she was staring at the door and said that she had seen something moving in the hallway. After that event we went downstairs to the kitchen and then I saw it: there was a table and chairs and on one of the chairs there was a dark figure, which then opened its eyes - they were ghostly white. All of this happened in 2 or 3 seconds, because we started to scream and of course ran out of the house.

I still can't explain what we had seen in that house, but all of the time that I was in I had the feeling that someone or something was watching us and hating us for being in there .

Nicole Ivanova, Haskovo, Bulgaria
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