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The Old Lady

Daniel Burns, Queensland, Australia
July 2002

This experience is not of mine, but of my friend who lives in an area with plenty of trees and plenty of grassy lands. My friend, lets call her "Jane", has always experienced weird things. But this story is of one that she has told me, and I still get the chills off it. Here is her story:

Jane had woken up and needed to deeply go to the bathroom. She had a bad feeling, but still got up and walked in there. After a few minutes she walked out slowly and noticed a sort of glow in the corner of her eye. She turned and looked and saw that in the middle of the kitchen floor was an old lady, just staring face down on the floor. Jane was just standing there for about 1 minute looking at her, until the old lady looked at her weirdly and vanished into thin air. Jane ran straight into her room and piled the blankets over her head while trying to get to sleep quickly.

Have you ever had that feeling of someone sitting on your bed? You can feel the dooner on the bed just getting slowly padded down. This is what she felt. She gained the courage to pull the blanket off her and look, she got a cold brush of air hit her. She saw the old lady, looking at her, with a grin. Then pop, she disappears again. Some spooky stuff I say.

She told me that later on that night, she heard a kind of humming outside her window. It started from the side to the roof then back to the side. In the morning she told her mum of what had happened, so her dad went out the back and checked the window and everything was find on the ground, except for the window sill where they found 2 hand prints in blood.

Weird but true, I tell you what, I couldn't get to sleep the night she told me. I was way too scared.

Thank you for reading my story, and I hope you enjoyed it.

Daniel Burns, Queensland, Australia
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