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The Old Larder

Anonymous, UK
May 2010

I live in an old ground floor flat hidden away by all the flats piled on top. In the Victorian era it was used as a whole house and the basement flat (which I live in now) was the kitchen. In the early 1900s it wasn't needed so they separated it in the 1920s I think.

When I moved in there was a strange feel to the place. I thought that maybe I needed to get used to the energy of it. I used the biggest room in the house as a living room, the second as an office for all my studying and revising for university. I used the smallest room as my bedroom and this I was told by the estate agent was the old larder. After I'd settled in, everything was okay, but after the first week when I was sleeping on my proper bed I had my first encounter.

I woke up to go to the toilet and opened my eyes to see a shadow carrying a lump of meat over his back. I turned on my night light. I was face to face with a meat delivery boy in his early twenties in fact. He had a soft cockney tone to his voice."Meat Miss" he said. I was quite speechless and looked onto the face of the wall there was meat hung up on hooks just like a Victorian larder. I looked back across to where the meat delivery boy was standing, but he had vanished.

I was looking through some old photos, and I saw the same man outside a butcher shop. I then found out he was my great, great, great uncle. Now it is normal to see him round corners and bends but I'm fine with that. My parents said they had seen him too. I wanted to go deeper into this mystery so I went to a medium reading. She told me that this man was just making sure I was okay. I see him by my bed from time to time. The medium described him as a real gentleman whose energy focused around my family. I have become attached to this ghost and I will be sorry when I leave.

Anonymous, UK
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