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The Old Man, Glass of Water, and Pomeranian

January 2007

My Aunt and Uncle lived in an old farmhouse, thought to be about 130 years old. My two cousins lived with them. Since then my aunt and uncle have divorced and my uncle and his girlfriend are the only ones that live there now. My uncle has recently remodeled his house and I haven't heard anything recent but according to my aunt, cousin, and my own personal sighting something supernatural is there.

The two-story house is in the middle of nowhere. There literally isn't a house for two or three miles. It was built sometime in the mid 1800s.

The first owner of the house was a farmer. He lived with his wife, and three kids. Little else is known about the history of the house. My aunt and uncle moved in in 1994. My cousin was 10 (she'd lived in the house for three years) when she started getting sensations of being watched, seeing lights going on and off, and shadows across the ceiling.
One winter night when she was fast asleep she was awoken by a presence in the room. She grabbed her glasses and saw nothing. No sooner had she put her glasses back on the nightstand when the feeling came over her again. This time she avoided the glasses and sat straight up. She looked at the end of her bed to see a man dressed in a plain grey shirt. Her vision was a little fuzzy so she reached for her glasses. She said as soon as she reached for her glasses he walked out of the room. By the time she'd gotten her glasses on she saw a polished black shoe and a pant leg ruffle past her door. She listened as the figure descend the stairs. She heard four steps and then it stopped. Too tired and scared to go see if it'd stopped at the top of the stairs she threw the covers over her head and stayed awake the rest of the night.

Other strange incidents that have happened include the same cousin getting up late at night, going into the kitchen and seeing an old woman standing there. She would ask the old lady for a glass of water, to which the old lady would grab a glass and pour some water out of the sink. The woman disappeared when my cousin grabbed the glass.

My aunt has told us that she has heard pots and pans rattling around like someone is going through all the cupboards. She's also seen strange faces in the upper story windows from outside, but when she goes to investigate nothing is there.

One time in 1999 (I was 8) my aunt was watching my grandmothers dog for the weekend. The dog was a little Pomeranian and was the nicest dog you'd ever meet. It ran towards the stairs and started barking. I looked at the dog and wondered what was wrong. After about ten seconds of it's barking (yelping) I went to go see what it was so angry at. I took two steps forward when the stairway light burnt out and the dog came running as fast as she could into the living room. I turned and ran into the room too?I was only 8.

Little is still known about the history of the house. I think that years of occupants have made the house very active with supernatural activity. I would like to note that no one has ever felt endangered or in any way at risk of being harmed in that house.

It does creep you out a little, but then again, they are ghosts.

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