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The Old Man And His Dog

Cassika, Canada
August 2007

This isn't my story, but my Mother's.
She's what you call "sensitive" to the paranormal. Here's a story that happened to her when she was young.

The sun was setting and my Grandmother called my Mom home from the house across the street. Now it's kind of a strange setting on how the street is.
Where the house is that my Mother lived in, on the edge of the property there's a whole bunch of trees, almost like a little forest. You can't really see the house from the neighbor's houses. So my Mother was walking home and she was getting into that little forest area. She could see her house and my Grandmother waiting for her on the steps. My Mother then suddenly stopped because there was a man in the way. The man just stood there. There was a big german shepard sitting beside him. She said that the man looked passive, so did the dog. They just stood there.
They also had this weird glow about them too she told me. They also were transparent.

Now being a small child, my Mother was scared out of her wits! My Mother ran out of there. She got to her home and grabbed my Grandmother, crying. My Grandmother asked her what was wrong and my Mother related her story.

My Grandmother is sensitive too, so she understood how my Mother felt. After that incident, my Mother always made someone walk with her back and to the neighbor's house.

A few years later, my Mother and her friend were talking. They came to the topic of ghosts and my Mother told her friend her story. Her friend was in shock. Her friend then told her that on that property in which she lived, there used to be an old man's home beside my Mom's house. It was only the old man and his dog that lived there. One day the house caught on fire and the old man and his dog perished in it.

To this day my Mother gets kind of freaked out when she walks around the old property. I share her feeling because when I was younger I used to feel strange and creepy walking near that forest part.

Thanks for reading.

Cassika, Canada
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