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The Old School

Jennifer, Northern Ireland
May 2006

The school I am about to tell you about is an old primary school situated at the top of my street. It is very old, built around 1900's. My mum is currently working there as a cleaner in her spare time and has done for the last 15 odd years. In her time she has told me of many spooky stories and weird things going on.

The history of the school states that sometime back in the 1970's the school was broken into by intruders late one night. The caretaker lived on the school grounds so he heard the disturbance. He went off to investigate the noise after warning his teenage daughter to stay in the house and lock the door. After what seemed like forever the young girl became worried about her father and went to look for him to check he was ok. What happened next will never be known but the intruders stabbed the young girl and left her to bleed to death. Her father was first unaware of this and by the time he found her it was already too late.
Within that same year the father was so distraught he took his own life. The house was bricked up and never used again.

The part of the school where the young girl was murdered was torn down and a new building built over it. But her spirit still haunts the spot.

My mum remembers one particular day, near the end of her shift, she was in one of the rooms emptying a bin and all of a sudden the door slams shut and locks itself, she knew she was the only cleaner in that corridor, and that freaked her out, she ended up having to jump out of the window to get out. She also has had her personal belongings moved and has heard strange noises like toilets flushing by themselves and sounds of a young girl crying as if in pain! She says she has become used to it, but doesn't feel threatened by the girl. She reckons the young girl is looking after the school and just having a bit of fun.

Jennifer, Northern Ireland
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