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The Old Woman (2)

Ben Camarena, Illinois, USA
September 2000

My father told me this story that happened to him. The story takes place many years before I was born.

My father, and two of my uncles were walking to a graveyard in Mexico. It was "The Day of the Dead", a day to honor the dead in Mexico. My dad and uncles were getting tired and thirsty from the long walk. They spotted a house and decided to rest. They knocked on the door. An old lady answered the door and asked what she could do for them. They asked if they could have some water. The lady was very kind and told them to have a seat while she got the water. She went into a door at the end of the room. My dad got worried when the old lady did not return. One of my uncles noticed the odd shape of the thing they were sitting on. He was curious and asked my dad what they were sitting on. They got off the seat and discovered that they were not sitting on a bench. They were very shocked and scared to find that they were sitting on a coffin. They were even more frightened when they saw a picture of the old lady on the coffin. They immediately ran out of the house. When they turned around, the house was nowhere to be found.

Ben Camarena, Illinois, USA
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