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The One Who Never Left

July 2002

I've never really had an experience with the paranormal except for this one. When I was 15, my parents got divorced. Me, my mom and my 6 year old sister moved out and got an apartment. Apparently, the apartment we moved into was blocked off for several years before. It was an average apartment, just like the other ones in the building. My experiences started soon after we got all of our stuff moved in.

One night, as I was sleeping, I felt a cold finger run down my arm. I slowly opened my eyes to see a figure standing next to my bed. It seemed to be the figure of a little girl, and me, half asleep, assumed it was my little sister, since she often crept into my bed when she couldn't sleep. I said "Breanna, go lay with mom." The little figure just stood there. When I got a better look at it,I noticed that it was a lot paler than my sister and had light hair. Then I looked down at it's hands. They were handcuffed and her wrists were all bloody. That's when I realized that the little girl was not my sister. I screamed for my mom and hid under the covers. When my mom finally came in, the little girl was gone. I told my mom what I had seen, and she told me I had to have been dreaming. Then she asked me what I did to my arm. There was a trail of blood leading from my elbow to my wrist.

Another thing that happened was that one day when I was home alone I was talking on the phone in the bathroom while I was getting ready to go out. I dropped my brush and when I stood back up, I saw the reflection of the little girl standing beside me. This time I got a better look at her. She was wearing an old ripped tee-shirt that had bloodstains on it and her mouth was bleeding. I let out an ear splitting scream and ran out of the apartment. I didn't have a key, so I sat outside the door until my mom got home.

I told her and she told me that I was seeing things and that our apartment was not haunted. She said that just to make me feel better, she would ask the landlord about it. As we sat in the landlord's office, I was being told the most horrible story I have ever heard.

He said that back in the late 1970's , a little girl and her mom lived there. The mom would go out for days at a time leaving her daughter hand cuffed to the closet door knob. The neighbors would hear muffled screams coming from the apartment at night and in the daytime they heard loud whimpers and sobs. One night when the mom was gone, one of the neighbors busted open the door only to find the little girl hanging helplessly from the closet door in the back room (my room). He checked her pulse and she was dead. They said she died from starvation over a long period of time and from blows to the stomach.

The apartment had been blocked off because the residents that moved in recently after the incident began seeing the little girl in the back room. After they moved out they could never get anyone to move into that apartment, so they blocked it off.

Soon after we heard the story we moved out. I don't know what became of the little girl, but I hope that she has found peace.

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