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The Other Room

Christinia, Virginia, USA
September 2006

Hi, my name is Christina. My twin sister, Crystal, my siblings, Katie, Hannah, Justin, Aaron, Crystal, Sarah, and I were all home alone on the cold December day in 1994. My dad left my mom and us kids when I was just 3 years old. So my mom had to work extra hard just to keep food on the table. Her work schedule was from 6:00 in the morning to 10:00 at night. When Crystal and I were little it wasn't that way, she would work from 9 in the morning to 7 at night. But now that we are 16 we can baby-sit the "youngsters".

We are in charge of making dinner, getting the kids ready for bed, making breakfast, getting the kids up, normal stuff that "moms" do. But we would rather help our mom out then have to go homeless. So as our mom was working at 5:45 Crystal was helping with the kids homework and I was making dinner. I heard a tapping sound on the wall down the hall. I went to go see if it was Aaron, a 2 year old at the time, but no one was there. I went back to the kitchen and kept cooking. I heard the tapping again and again. So finally I went down the hallway to where it sounded like it was coming from and banged the wall as hard as I could and the thing in the wall did the same thing. I banged it 2 times and waited. Then the "thing" banged 2 times too! Now this was getting scary. It is not like some kid was on the other side of the wall because there was no room on the other side.

Just to make sure I was not imagining things I banged it 19 times. I waited for what seemed forever and finally the "thing" banged the wall 19 times back. I got so scared I ran down the hall screaming. My siblings met me at the end of the hall. I was so scared I was crying. It might not sound that bad but put yourself in my position when you are 16 years old and home alone.

I told my family what happened and they got freaked. As I sat at the table freaked out Crystal looked research up about our house. She came up with: There was a very old man, his wife, and 3 kids, one night a killer came to their house and murdered the 5 year old in his room, he banged on the wall but no one heard him scream and cry, or bang. The family was scared of what happened and moved out. Another family moved in and demolished his room and the rest of that part of the house, their names were the Curls. Their dad finally had to move to Australia so they put the house up for sale and we bought it. Now I was scared. This was a 5 year old banging on our wall. That night our mom came home and we showed her and told her everything. Yet she just thought we were crazy and told us to settle down and put the kids to sleep. We did just that. But at 12:00 midnight we were all sleeping and we heard a scream and crying.

I rushed into my little siblings rooms and met my mom and sister there but everyone was asleep, then we heard words, "Help me, someone help me!! Help!" My mom picked up Justin, Crystal picked up Sarah, and I picked up Aaron. Katie and Hannah could walk, but instead they ran. As we were leaving the house I could have sworn that I heard one last scream, and at the door I had saw the little, brown eyed, blonde haired boy sitting right on the steps with blood running down his face and a knife in his heart.

Christinia, Virginia, USA
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