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The Other Side

February 2007

What I am about to tell you is hard for many people to believe, but 100% true.

My daughter has had 2 vivid experiences with seeing the 'other side' and has explained her experience with me in extreme detail.

On December 31, 2004 we were living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was around 7:00 p.m. and I was in the kitchen making dinner. My daughter (who at the time was 6 years old) was looking for her chapstick, and I told her to check the bathroom down the hall. A few minutes later - I don't recall how much time had passed - she came back with a petrified look on her face, she was so scared. I said, 'What happened ?' She then told me that as she was walking down the hall she saw someone come out of the bathroom, he walked toward her, and then he made a vicious face at her and then he turned around and went from being transparent to color and back. Then she tried to walk and couldn't. The man looked somewhat futuristic to her, she didn't recognize what his clothes looked like. It looked like his hair was spikey. She said that as she proceeded to keep walking forward, this spirit came right in front of her - she was unable to move - her feet were 'walking' but she was not moving forward - like an invisible force was preventing her - she was scared and didn't understand what was going on. Finally this 'force' stopped, she saw this evil spirit then proceed to go through the wall in the direction of my son's bedroom. She ran and told me everything about this, what he looked like and how scared she was. I was petrified and didn't know what to do.

We all slept in the same room for weeks after that, as we were all too scared. I was told by some people at our church that Santa Fe had lots of spirits around and this was not all that uncommon. A missionary there told me that the 'force' that would not let her walk was possibly the evil spirit trying to take over her body (possess her) but as she was a righteous girl, it could not overtake her and then left.

I have lived in fear since that time.

Last night January 10, 2007, it happened again. My daughter came in my room last night (early a.m.) she said she was scared, I was half asleep and didn't get into any of it with her. This morning she told me that she saw a ghost again. I told her to tell me what happened. She said, she had gotten up to use the restroom, and had gone back to bed. She couldn't sleep for some time. When she rolled over, there he was standing at the side of her bed!!

My daughter is now 9 years old. She said that he wore clothes that looked like they were from a different time period (in the past). She drew on a piece of paper what she saw on his arm, and it was a Nazi Swastika with blood coming down from it. There was also something on his arm that said, 'bloody horror.' She was so scared she took one of her stuffed animals from her bed and threw it at this spirit - the animal bounced off of it and went right back on her bed! As she did that this evil spirit laughed at her (she even said she could hear a faint laugh coming from him). She also saw 5 other little things around him that she said looked like some type of skeleton figures, something she had never seen before.
When this evil spirit was about to depart, the lower half of his body vanished first and then his head was still there laughing as it then disappeared. She was so scared and tried to get up and come to my room, but said it was like 'walking in snow' she couldn't move her legs forward, it was so difficult for her to get to my room. I am thinking that the spirit was still there trying to overtake her but was unable to. She finally made it to my room. I am so petrified of this. At first I thought it was just the house or the area we lived in. Now I see its not that - my daughter must have some special ability to see 'the other side.' I do not understand why this is happening to her, and I do not know why these 2 evil spirits would try to possess a sweet little innocent girl. I feel helpless and do not know what I can do to assist her.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. We have prayed for this not to happen again and I have been doing so since the first incident, yet it has happened again.

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