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The Ouija Revenge

December 2007

I've always been interested in Ouija Boards, until I heard the stories about them. About giving demons access to your house and letting them basically ruin your life. I always wanted one until I read that. And then I became frightened of them. However me and my friend Joanne went over to my friend Amys' house. Amy also too was a believer, Joanne really never thought about it. Amy had just bought a new wooden Ouija Board from eBay. She always wanted one and then she told me and Joanne to try it out. I looked down at the ground in horror once she told us to try it out. I was scared of telling Amy that I was scared about it, Joanne just said 'Whatever' since she didn't really believe in the Ouija Board.

Amy got the board out and put it on the floor, Amy and Joanne sat down on a separate side of the board. 'Come on then Stacy, Sit down' Amy said eager to test the board out. I didn't say anything and just sat down. Amy put her one finger from each hand onto the pointer, She nudged Joanne to do the same. She just smiled not believing she was doing this and then I slowly put my fingers onto the pointer.
Amy had already lit the candles and then she got up to turn the lights off. I gulped harder, not knowing what was going to happen next. She sat back down putting her fingers back onto the pointer. 'Is anyone there?' Amy said loudly. I was afraid she was going to say that, I heard in stories that you should not say 'Anyone' this could mean absolutely anyone, any demon, anything.
I didn't want to tell her to stop since I though Amy and Joanne would look at me as if I was a freak who studied about the Ouija all day.

The pointer didn't move. Amy then turned the pointer in circles to warm it up. Joanne had no interest in the board sighing in disappointment, she just wanted to probably watch a movie like a normal group of girls would. I wanted to watch a movie too now. Amy was determined that the pointer would move though. The pointer froze there, not moving after Amy repeating herself several times. Joanne then shouted out 'For god's sake, If there's any ghost just move the fricking pointer thing already you stupid dumb idiots!' 'JOANNE!' I said screaming at her. The pointer then rapidly went round in circles. 'Oh ha, ha Stacy' Joanne said sighing. 'It's not me!' I said in shock. Amy just sat there in shock keeping her fingers on the pointer. The pointer then zoomed of the board into the corner of the room. We all sat there in shock. Well.. Apart from Joanne. 'Your so pathetic, whichever one of you is pretending a ghost is doing this, your thick!' She said angrily. I think she was actually a little frightened herself, otherwise she wouldn't be so angry.

Amy got the courage to go get the pointer and put it back onto the board. 'OK, Well if you want me to believe any of you, take your fingers off.. the bloody board doesn't feed of your energy' Joanne said. 'Yes it does, it wont work then' Amy said glaring at her. We all took our fingers off, knowing this wasn't going to go anywhere with the arguments.
The pointer then slowly moved round in circles. 'What the-' 'OH MY GOD!' Joanne said interrupting me. We sat there in shock with the pointer actually moving by itself with no one's fingers on it. No string was even attached to it for a joke. Amy was frozen there, 'I thought it didn't work without you touching it, Oh my god' She just whispered over and over again. 'Is anyone there?' I said loudly. The pointer then rapidly went onto the yes sign. It swept back into the middle quickly after the answer. 'AHH!' Joanne screamed pushing herself away from the board. Amy then shouted out 'How old are you?' The pointer then went to the letter '3' it went back to the middle and then went to the letter '5' and moved back to the middle freezing. '35' I said whispering in fear. Joanne wasn't screaming anymore she just froze there. Joanne didn't want to ask any questions about this spirit. She just blurted out 'When am I going to die?' 'JOANNE!' Amy said screaming at her. The pointer went mad in circles. We sat there with our jaw's wide open. It went to the letter 'N' then 'O' 'NO DON'T SAY IT!' Joanne screamed in fear. Then 'W' Joanne jumped up practically jumping on me hugging me in fear. She sat next to me and then Amy came over to my side as well we all sat together in fear. Amy quickly put the pointer onto the 'Good Bye' sign and then threw the board into the corner and it cracked down the middle halfway. 'AMY YOUR SUPPOSED TO RIP IT INTO 7 PIECES!' I said screaming at her. 'Stop being stupid I'm not touching that board again' She said whispering.

I walked Joanne back to my house once we ran out her house. She stayed at my house, she was scared if the Ouija board was actually right, if she was actually going to die. So she stayed in my room and slept in the same bed. It felt like i was her mother and she was my child. She was shaking in fear for the rest of the night. We ended up falling to sleep. Joanne then screamed at me waking me up 'What is it!?' I said shouting, Looking at my clock 'It's only 3:25 in the morning!' I said grumbling. My mum was on a business trip so we were home alone, Thank god, She would have killed me if she was woken up at 3:25 in the morning. 'OH MY GOD' Joanne just screamed. I turned round to see what she was screaming about and then I froze. A long tall black figure was standing beside the bed, it was just a outline of a figure with no certain details. It's head was leaning down slowly, going closer to Joanne, she practically nearly shoved me into the wall when she was moving more away from the figure. 'Go away, go to where you belong, you don't belong here' I said shouting at it in a calm tone. I researched that you should say that when there's a ghost in your house. This was a Demon I was guessing so I doubt it was going to listen to me.
We froze inside the bed. The head then stopped moving closer. And it froze once I told it to go away. Joanne and I screamed in fear, closing our eyes, putting the covers over us. We didn't get the courage to look over the top of the covers for 5 hours. We couldn't bare looking at this frozen black figure.

We lay in bed for 5 hours, talking in fear. I told Joanne that my Mum told me she'd be home at about 3pm, 'What! it's morning and we have to wait like another 7 hours for her to come home? I can't stay here for that long! My parents are probably already worried about me at my home, she said whispering. We ended up staying in my bed sweating with fear. It was so hot under the covers and I was getting claustrophobic. I then heard the door slam shut, 'Stacy?' My mum said calling. 'Thank god' I screamed back to her. I took the covers off me, The figure was still there! 'OH MY GOD' Me and Joanne screamed 'HELP MUM! MUM!' I said screaming for my Mum. I put the covers back over us. And then Mum opened the bedroom door 'Stacy?' What's wrong, Why are you still in bed dear?' Mum asked. 'What? Can't you see it!' Joanne screamed. 'Joanne? What are you doing here?' My mum questioned. I was confused, Why wasn't my mum screaming with fear of this black figure? I slowly pulled the covers off me and Joanne. The figure was gone.. My Mum was standing in the doorway with a puzzled look on her face.

I told Mum the story and she just replied saying 'Oh you kids and the stupid witchcraft board thingies' But I told her why we were laying in bed for that long. She was a little more convinced then. She knew i was quite a active girl who doesn't really sleep in bed for ages. She then suggested we get a priest in.

He ended up blessing my bedroom and I haven't seen this Demon since. I don't sleep in my bedroom anymore, although my mum tells me I have nothing to fear anymore, and I know that as well. I'm not taking any chances though.
Lately since then i've just slept on the sofa.

All I can say to people is be careful, please do research about the Ouija board before you try it. It's nothing to be messed with. It is a very scary board and a lot of things could go wrong with your life. So please, I don't encourage anyone to buy one. Also try looking at some other people's stories on the internet about their Ouija board experiences and see what they have to say.

I don't ever want to see a Ouija board again in my life.

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