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The Ouija Spirit

Ontario, Canada
July 1998

Well, it all started when my best bud's parents went away for the weekend, and Dhana was allowed to stay home alone on one condition- that I was to sleep over at her house for company and safety. Well, one night, we were really bored, there was nothing on TV, and it was pouring rain, so there was nowhere to go. We went downstairs to find a game, and we came across Dhana's parent's old Ouija board. Well, Dhana's dog, Abu (he's named that because it was Dhana's favorite character in the movie 'Aladdin- and she was 8 when she got her dog!) took one look at that Ouija board and started whimpering. Dhana and I just laughed it off, and took the board upstairs. We lit candles, started burning incense, turned off the lights, put on calming music - the whole nine yards. We started using the board, and contacted a spirit by the name of Dee. We learned that Dee was murdered by her insane ex-husband in the 1930's. Dee was a very nice lady, and we talked for a few minutes, until Dee said, 'JOHN IS IN YOUR HOUSE. GET OUT NOW!'. Now, John was the insane ex-husband, who had died of a heart attack when he was put in jail for the murder of Dee. Dhana and I were shocked, but, feeling brave, we told John to prove that he was in the house (along with oooh, ahhs, whhoos and other taunting words). Suddenly, the candles and incense burned out, the garbage can in the spare room (my room for the stay) turned over, and the bedroom door slammed shut. Dhana and I took one look at each other, and bolted out of the house (we took Abu along with us) . We spent the rest of the week at my house. It's now two years later, and Dhana, Abu, and I are fine. Although, the spare room that John showed himself in has never been the same. Abu refuses to go near that room (or the Ouija board, for that matter), Dhana's parents note a strange, heavy presence in the room (they think air fresheners will do the trick), and Dhana and I flat out refuse to spend more than a minute in that room alone. I don't know why John's spirit is still haunting that room. Maybe he was mad that Dhana and I had tried to talk to Dee, or maybe he's still trying to 'show' himself.

Ontario, Canada
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