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The Overprotective Madame

David W.Ponseigo, Louisiana, USA
March 2001

I am a 27 year old male, have been married for two years and have a baby on the way. On our honeymoon we stayed at a little bed and breakfast in the city of New Orleans, this is our most beloved city and we decided to celebrate our upcoming baby in the same spot. We were told the first time we stayed that it was a brothel in 18th and 19th century and that it was haunted, but we had no strange experience. On the second visit as we getting ready to go out for the evening I made a point to remove the gun that I wear (for my job). Knowing we would be in a bar or two I did not want to carry it so I double checked it as I always do and as usual it was fully loaded. I then placed a gun lock on it, having the only key, it can not be fired or unloaded without it.

When we came in for the evening I went to unlock my gun but found it was completely unloaded but still locked. I went to have a word with the girl at the desk and she told me over and over that no one had been in our room. Still upset over this we went on to bed leaving a small floor heater on. I awoke some time before dawn quite cold and got up to check the heater, it was unplugged, I did not do it nor did my wife. We went on and got up for the day at that point.

That afternoon I went to speak to a friend that lives there in the French Quarter and he told me of a former madam that very much believed in the safety of her girls and that long after her death she would roam the hall and rooms turning off lights and unplugging heaters (as space heaters start a fire quickly in those old buildings) and in my case she must not have liked having a loaded gun in one of her rooms.

David W.Ponseigo, Louisiana, USA
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