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The Owls

Alison, NJ, USA
May 2001

I have always been told that some people believe that owls represent death. I don't know how true this is..... but my story wouldn't mean anything without that knowledge.

My backyard is all woods (a home to many different animals). This past fall an owl started appearing in one of the trees right outside our door. It would sit there all day and stare directly into the house. When the owl showed up my grandmother started becoming really sick.

A little while later a second owl showed up this one smaller then the other one. This one seemed like it was injured because the bigger one took care of it by giving it food and protecting it if something came nearby.They stayed around for about a month but after a little while the owls I guess moved on... first the big one and then the smaller one. After the big one left my grandmother became extremely ill and passed away. The smaller owl was not far behind the departure of the bigger one.... and two weeks after my grandmother died, her daughter (my Aunt) suddenly became extremely ill and passed away.

Like a mother the big owl took care of the little owl, like my grandmother would my aunt. The day of both of the funerals an owl hoot could be heard coming from the woods(eerie). Like it was watching.

Another coincidence about this story is that upon cleaning out my grandmother's house we came upon a collection of glass figurines.. you guessed it a collection of owls (her favourite animal according to my mom).

I don't know if the owls have any relevance to my family members. The two owls could have represented them...and the way one owl mothered the other like my grandmother did my aunt is almost too similar. I hope that somehow it is them because now every time I hear an owl hoot I know they are watching over me... and they have their wings.

Alison, NJ, USA
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