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The Pale Boy by My Pool

Grace, WV, USA
August 2015

Okay, so I am not really a person who normally has or witnesses paranormal events. However, recently they have been more common.

Around July of last year, I was in the pool with my friend, who for privacy reasons, I will call Carly. So me and Carly were in the pool. My dad comes to the front door and yells at us to get out so we can come eat dinner. The pool is to the side of the house, so I couldn't see the door from the pool. I go to the ladder to get out, and it jolts a bit. I don't really think of it, because we're swimming, and the current could've easily moved it. I step down, and start to climb again... Only to fall on the second to last step in the pool. I fall back into the water, but laugh it off again as my clumsiness. Carly looks creeped out, so I asked her what's wrong. She asks if my brother, Riley, was outside with us. I said no. She said she though she saw him by the pool. I tell her that Riley is four, thus wouldn't be able to see over our four foot wall. I asked her what the boy, or whatever, looked like. She said it was a pale skinned boy with black messy hair. I told her it might be the neighbors, possibly new ones moving in. We get out to find whoever it was. We find nothing.

Recently, I have been hearing whispers from the outside of my house. I thought it was my imagination, but it's ONLY when I'm outside. I still have no clue whether or not it's a neighbor or ghost boy. Just a week ago, someone was tapping on my window at around one A.M. I'm not scared, but just confused on what he wants...

Grace, WV, USA
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