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The Pale Lady

Anonymous, New Zealand
May 2015

This is a personal experience that happened to me when I was around 10, this is not a story that I have made up and/or been told by friends.

When I was around 5 and a half, we moved up to Whanagrei where we lived on our boat (our being me, my sister, and my grandparents) before we bought a house and moved in. It was about 5 years after this when I was 10 when I saw the Pale Lady. That's what I call her anyway. I was sound asleep when I just woke up to a presence by my open door. We had a light on and it would stream through my door. I opened my eyes and looked towards my door and I saw a young woman - around 20 years old I think - standing in my door. I thought she was standing but she was actually floating about a foot off the ground. She was wearing a very dark green dress, so dark it was almost black. She had very long black hair that covered her face so I couldn't see it and the skin that I did see - which was her hands, arms and feet - and they were paper white. I only saw her for a few seconds before I blinked and she disappeared. I don't think she meant any harm, but I did get the feeling that she was sad and lonely.

When I told my friends about her, they told me that she was a wanderer and found lost, sad and lonely souls that had been hurt. They told me she didn't have and friends, family, pets and that's why she was sad and lonely, and that's the feeling I got off her. They say that, her face has a lot of make-up on in and that she screams very high pitched and it sounds like a cat being murdered horribly (their words not mine) If you have seen/heard her know that she doesn't mean harm but, my friends say try not to approach her, because she may be dangerous but we don't know for certain.

Anonymous, New Zealand
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