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The Party Room

Lyoina Falls, MA, USA
February 2001

This story might not seem as scary as some on this site, but it gave me a creepy feeling none the less.

My Dad was house sitting for an Elderly couple that lived just above us on a little hill. On the outside the house was beautifully crafted, so I was happy to go up with my Father and see the inside. I didn't get a creepy vibe till I went into the dinning room.

It was a rather large room with a smallish table in the middle. The whole house was decorated like the 17th or 18th century (it's a very old house anyway), and this room had very old dark portraits of two people, a man and a women. These to paintings gave the room a strange feeling, but I shrugged it off. The next room my father took me too was the families "Party Room". Now, this is important: As I remember the door to that room opened pretty easily for my Dad, as did all the doors in the house, and there was no lock inside or out. The room was huge and very beautiful, but there was no light and that creepy feeling fell on me again, but only slightly. Later as my dad was doing his rounds of the house, I had an urge to go see the party room again. I went to the door and turned the knob. The door wouldn't budge, not an inch, no matter how hard I turned or what direction I used. It was like it was locked. I wouldn't have thought anything of it if my dad hadn't opened it so easily before, and he told me there were no locks. The creepy feeling returned so I left, seeing that something didn't want me in there. I told my dad this story and he shrugged it off saying those old doors are hard to open sometimes. But I still think something was keeping me out. What do you think?

Lyoina Falls, MA, USA
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