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The Pathfinders Ghost

November 2002

I`ve always been able to see and communicate with spirits and it's never bothered me. Having said that... a year ago I started at a new job with my new skills as a massage therapist. Another therapist there told me if I heard anything unusual, there was a resident ghost around. No problems, I said.

About six months later, I`d forgotten what she said as I hadn`t seen or heard anything. One Friday afternoon, I was massaging my last client of the day when I heard doors opening and closing. I thought it was another therapist closing up for me, so I dismissed it. My client and I continued chatting, ignoring the opening and closing of doors and the shadow that moved past the window towards the outside spa. When I finished, I went out leaving my client to dress and to wash my hands. There was no evidence of anyone being there and if it was the other therapist, she would have left a note. My client came out and asked who it was. I replied no one was there, or had been there, and as I said that, another door opened and closed before our very eyes. My client freaked out and left, but I wasn`t scared and asked who the spirit was.

It was a friend of my boss` who had recently passed away. He was a jolly old soul who had recently literally kicked the behinds of three burglars who had tried to rob his house while his grief-stricken wife was staying with relatives. He was only checking on the house while my boss wasn`t home and he apologised if he scared me, knowing he had scared the client.

As I said, the spirit world has never scared me and I can communicate freely with them. It`s also worth noting that every Friday at the same time, twenty minutes to five in the afternoon, he came back and started opening and closing doors until I told him to stop it, it was freaking out my clients.

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