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The Paulding Light

Logan L. Braasch, WI, USA
December 2001

You may not believe this but we have proof. If you go to Paulding (Watersmeet) MI, you can see a red or white light floating in the tree tops. You have to be very quiet or you will not see it and it has to be at night.

The legend is that two children, a boy and a girl, were playing on the train tracks. It was a foggy night, so they needed their lanterns. They couldn't hear the train coming, and when they first saw it it was right on top of them. They both died and the girls head was decapitated, the boy was crushed under the train. The boy still goes back there every night to look for her beloved sister's head, using a lantern. And so, you can see the lantern there every night, but the boy, however is dead so you cant see him.

It all started in 1965. It first seen by a camper who followed the path of where the train tracks used to be. Thats where he saw it, hovering over the tree tops. Some times it gets high, some times it gets low, some times it gets really close and dances on the power lines. If you speak, or make any movement, it disappears.

The main colors of this mystery light are: Red, white, green, and blue. Red is the most common, followed by white. When it is red it is small and looks like a triangle, when it is white it looks like a head. Some times it disappears for no reason. The other colors are rare and look like a lantern.


We heard of a haunting in Watersmeet, Michigan and we wanted to see it. It was close to where we lived. The trip took at least 45 minutes and we were really excited. My mom followed the directions and said that we had to turn on Robin's Pond Road.

When we got to the Robin's Pond Road we were frightened to go in because of the pitch blackness in front of us. We went in anyway.

Slowly we drove up the road. Suddenly we saw a red light in front us. But we were not sure that it was the light because we could barely see it. We pulled up to a sign that said The Paulding Light on it and go no further.

Quickly we took out our flashlights and a video camera that was just charged up and ready to record. We headed, with our flashlights to the sign. I cant exactly remember what it said, just some scary and religious things about the light. We searched for where we saw the light but it wasn't there anymore. Our flashlights pointed down a long and steep hill. Thats when I noticed a beautiful white spot directly in front of us. My mom started recording and I sat there, watching it. My mom told me that her camera was dead, and that it's unusual because it had never done that before. I turned around and looked at her walk to the car.


My mom and I sat there and talked. After a while it almost seemed like it was getting brighter, that it seemed like it was getting closer, but we were not sure. When we knew it was getting closer, we backed up slowly. I pointed my flashlight to where it was coming from. It almost seemed like it was dancing up the power line. It crept closer and closer. When we knew that it was less that 20 feet away from us we hopped in the car. When we noticed that it was less then 10 feet away from the car we tried to start the car, but it wouldn't start! The huge red light got closer and closer and my mom tried to start the engine so much that she almost broke the key! Finally it started and we sped out of there.


When we got home we all slept together sharing our story.

In the morning I got up and went to the car to get the stuff we left in there. When I saw the car, I saw that it was white!! It used to be red!! My moms going to blame me for this, I thought. I walked over to the car slowly and grabbed the video camera.

I took it inside and popped the tape in, there I saw a yellow light, two red eyes and black hair. Below it I saw a red light, swinging back and forth.

The Pauldning Light 2

As many people that are alive are dead too. Once your spirit brakes through to you, you can see spirits whenever they want to see you. I was haunted by them after the night I went to Paulding. I used to believe "the light" was just some radio-active gas. But after that night it was proved to be it wasn't. I couldn't sleep, read, write, or concentrate. It felt the like the light in that woods was trying to get me to come back there. I didn't want to go back there if it was for my life. I felt like the kid from The 6th Sense. Only I didn't want to help or those ghosts or be like him. I was naive when I went to that light. I thought, "Nothing will happen," and "It's just a small visit, never seen a ghost." I got what I asked for. It haunts me to this day. Whatever was on that hill, surely came to my house...

It all started when I woke up in the morning about a month from the time I went to the light. I tossed and turned in bed trying to sleep in late, but I couldn't. I felt so tired. (Have you ever been in that state where your body is totally asleep, but your mind is totally racing. Well, that's what I was in).

Anyway, I opened my eyes and saw a tree peering down at me like it had eyes. Maybe I was just hallucinating, but it was so wierd. It was animated too. So I backed up against my wall and it went away.

The next time, I was watching TV and saw one of those laser lights on the screen. (Red, like the light). Thinking it was my brother, I turned around, ready to call him a name, and saw that he wasn't there. I got up and looked around. Then I went to his room and he was snoring like a elephant. So I go back to my TV and saw the thing again. This time it evolved into a bigger oval, untill there was nothing. I kind of felt like it was going to explode.

Then came the noises, screams. Shrieks like a little girl. Then came cries from outside. Cries like "HELP!" and "NO!"

My mom and dad were taking serious offence in this. They talked to all the neighbors and gave them a court warning. People around the neighborhood stopped talking to me. They thought my parents were just old quacks.

Then came the explanations. WHAT? What could it be? (From my first story, the car turned white in the end, and if that was the only paranormal deal we had around here, then it had to be related to The Paulding Light. Could it beCould the spirits have floated into my house from the car? Why a month after the experience though?

Just for safety, my mom contacted a psychic who was known for driving spirits out of houses. She came into our house and started checking all the rooms. Then she had us sit down and say prayers. We were starting to get dismayed by this, because this started to get out of our religion. Then she got up and started shaking the walls. At this point, we were to weirded out. As the shaking got more violent, she started saying curses and that we should condemn this house to hell. My dad got up, and kicked her out of the house.

That night we all woke up to the fire alarm. We all ran out of the house. After ten minutes, my dad noticed it wasn't burning. We all went back to sleep. The next night we lost our electricity and started to hear the cries in the house. As these problems persisted we packed our bags and moved out of the house.

I remember as we drove away, I saw that sign on the front yard, that sign that stated we weren't coming back:


Logan L. Braasch, WI, USA
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