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The Pendulum

May 2005

This didn't happen to me, however, it happened to a friend of mine. I hope you enjoy my story.

When you walk into my friend's house from the front door you see a huge grandfather clock, almost reaching the ceiling. The clock has a huge golden circle hanging, that goes side to side, like a pendulum, every second. As most grandfather clocks do, it makes bell sounds when it turns to a hour. What hour it is it makes that number of bell sounds (e.g. If it's 6 o'clock it makes 6 bells).

Well, my friend was working at her desk when she heard 12 bell sounds. She thought, "Oh no, is it midnight already?" She turned off the lights to her office and walked down the hall to her bedroom.

She was about to turn into her room when she noticed the gold circle on the pendulum start to speed up. She was startled by this because this had never happened before so she walked up to the clock to examine. Right when she looked straight into the pendulum she heard a THUMP behind her. She looked into the shiny gold circle and saw a black figure standing behind her. As she turned around she felt cold, almost freezing, and when she was all the way around nothing was there.

This never happened again and she moved and gave away the grandfather clock. All we can wonder now, is whats going to happen to the next person who witnesses the pendulum?

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