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The Phone And Other Stories

January 2003

I read a lot of the stories in this site, and I was hoping to share a few of my experiences; I have a few witnesses, mostly my friends. Hopefully this isn't boring or too long.

Anyways, I'm age thirteen, and where I live, nothing too interesting happens - maybe once every two years. Otherwise, its a common town. Boring if not.

One day (sometime around August) when a friend of mine, Heidi, decided to do 3-way conversation on the phone with another friend - Leah. We were really tight so we did everything together; even calling - so this wasn't too irregular. What was abnormal was how the phones operated... First Heidi had called me, then she had punched in the numbers for 3-way calling, and dialed Leah's number. As soon as Leah picked up we heard a raspy voice from her side, as if someone was on the phone besides her. Infuriated as most teenage girls would be when you eavesdrop, we yelled at it to leave. And so it - didn't. It continued by breathing and punching random numbers... And so Heidi hung up, ending the 3-way connection we had, leaving only Me and Leah to speak. The two of us contemplated the fact that it couldn't have been from either of our lines, since it sounded like it was from Heidi's.

In the following hour, I had called Heidi back, to see if the phone was working appropriately, as well as to investigate. And guess what I heard? Yep, the beeping... First it played Fur Elise, with a peeved Heidi telling it to "F off"; then it played Mary Had a Little Lamb over and over again... Till the point where there was no more amusement - just plain annoyance.

In amusement of who this 'mystery phone hacker' was we asked it questions - personal questions of our background... One beep for no, two for yes. "Is my zodiac sign a Taurus?" I would ask, and it would beep twice - "Are my socks yellow?" And it would beep once... So on and so forth. Soon we heard the rasping again, and we knew it wasn't from either line. We were both home alone by the time we had started the questions. And we left it at that, never bothering to summon this mysterious phone spirit..

Another experience of mine has to be at home, right in this very room where I am sitting, right in my cozy home where I've never been bothered:

I was walking slowly up the stairs, sat into this very seat (the computer chair; computer room), and then began to browse the web after I had connected to the netservice. As I sat, I felt this weird sensation in my head... All of a sudden, my head fell forward, and then it turned sideways - my vision and sense of living ceased to exist. After the groggy experience, I shook my head and then realized that I - or my body - had nothing to do with the way I reacted. To me, it felt like one of those phase-in-phase-out fainting scenes. Except, you're fainting into another time.... Because what I saw, was almost too weird... I saw a shadow of a man on the wall of the Computer Room closet. Later on in the day, after I had recovered from that event, my brother went into the computer room to grab a few things from the closet... In a short amount of time, he had screeched at the top of his lungs and ran down the stairs. As he did so, he clung to my cousin, and then screamed: "There's a MAN IN the door! I saw his shadow!" When I heard that, my blood ran cold. My cousin didn't believe me though.

My father thought me and my brother were hallucinating, and that I had made up the story just to get some attention. But what he didn't know, was that I saw that more than once. Way before the computer room, had been the computer room. And before, there was a distorted little boy who stood with that man's shadow... His head jutted awkwardly to the left, and his legs were deranged... He was in a deep, and dark argument with the man's shadow. Or so I heard when I was forced to sleep in the computer room.

Here's the last event I'll speak of:

Ok.. to be honest, there was one incident that had been directed at me, and even my own mother (who's clairvoyant) or my cousin (who's supposedly clairaudic) or even my brother (who's like me - can feel, see, talk, sense spirits) didn't sense. I guess I'm a sensitive case in the family...

I don't know if it was me dreaming, or me hallucinating, but I'm sure I was awake. In the dead of the night (which is supposedly 3am), I heard my cousin muffle a few sentences of discomfort (I slept in his room that night), so then I copied them down, because I was sort of interested in what his reaction would be. Well here were the words: "Wake me tomorrow. Got a job to finish. Alex. One time. Twelve times. Ring." I was a bit amazed as to how accurate his voice was...

The next day, my Uncle Alex hopped by at 12pm (Twelve Times), and rang the doorbell rather than knocked (ring). He picked up a package from my cousin Mike, and left. But that wasn't the incident I meant to talk about...

I don't know if it was me and my imagination, or real. I honestly don't. But all I remember is this:

All alone in my room, a month ago, I heard a knock on my window. Maybe 3 raps and taps on the glass, making it annoying for me to read. So I looked up, and saw a sweet face disappear into the night. I checked the backyard (my room faces the backyard), and saw nothing. Absolutely nothing. I asked my parents if there was a man repairing windows, and they said "No." So I just regarded the incident as a leaf hitting the window.... hard.

The next night, the tapping to harder, and I heard everything that I knew was there (I've got many spirits in my home), begin to whisper to me. As if I really was within their realm... And when I woke, the window was wide open. But my parents had not waken till 11am, and I had waken earlier than them - especially since it was a Saturday. Since then, I've called the spirit, The Window Washer.

By the way; have any of you readers had lights or candles or even radios/stereos flicker - as if a power surge just zapped them - when you walk by? I have... I find it strange.... Has anyone ever had that happen to them?

Thank you for reading; I know it was long. :) Please email me if you've got anything to say... Bad or not.

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