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The Phone Call (2)

Ohio, USA
January 2000

It was April 17,1996. I remember the date perfectly. I was 18 at the time and my mom had just gotten my own personal phone line for my room. A very cool Christmas present if I might add! I had my own phone number, answering machine, all the necessities for a single teenager! Anyway, it was about 3:00a.m. and I was sound asleep when my phone rang! I hopped up out of bed and about broke my toe trying to answer the phone. I said a very aggravated "hello" as there was a pause on the other end. It was a dispatcher from our local police department. She stated that she had just received a call from my phone number from an elderly lady stating that she was bleeding to death! I explained that there was no elderly lady living in the house. It was just me, my mom, and our friend. I also stated that my phone was a private number and I was the only one to use it. The dispatcher sounding kind of alarmed, thanked me and we hung up.

Now, let me explain. When a call is received at the police station, the persons phone number and address automatically comes up. How in the world could and elderly lady be calling from my phone when for one, no elderly lady lives here, and two, my phone is my phone. Nobody uses it but me! With this in mind I lay back down on my bed and began to think about what had just happened! For the first time in my years of living there I actually was scared! No more than five minutes later I hear fire trucks and an ambulance pull down our street and stop in front of our house. My moms friend and I met at the top of the steps! She thought the house was on fire! I quickly tried to explain the phone call as we darted down the steps. We opened the front door and a paramedic was standing there. He said that they had just received another phone call, from my phone number and from this address from an elderly lady saying she was bleeding to death. We both tried to explain that no elderly lady lived here and my phone number is private! DE JA VUE!

The paramedic had a very strange look on his face and said they were dispatched as a precaution. He apologised then left. Needless to say I couldn't sleep that night. The next morning, me, my mom, and our friend was discussing the previous nights events when my mom decided to call my best friends mom, who we rent the house from, and who's parents had both died there. My mom explained what had happened and was told that her mom had died on April 17,1986. Apparently she had fallen and hit her head. This caused her to hemorrhage! In other words she had bled to death. To top things off, my bedroom was her bedroom before she had died!

I still, to this day, get the willies when thinking of that night! That was the only experience that I ever encountered in that house that caused me to have a sleepless night!

Ohio, USA
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