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The Piano (1)

March 2002

It was very late and my parents had gone away for the weekend so I was home alone. At 3:17 (or that) I woke up.Last year we'd had our attic converted and my piano had been put up there for me (I use it as a study/extra bedroom). Our home has been in our family for about three/four hundred years, so its fairly large and dates from the English occupation (or the Penal Times, 1600 on). Anyway I could hear the piano playing and I crept out onto the second floor hallway. Its an electric piano so I thought maybe the dog had hit a button or something. I went up the stairs and when I opened the door the light was on and a young girl was sitting at the piano. At first I thought it was a friend of mine but then obviously being three in the morning that wasn't logical at all. However she stopped and sat up from the piano. When she turned round she suddenly was gone. I turned to run but she was right behind me. Though so too was an older man in a military uniform. In an instant the girl fell to the floor and two more men came into the room. They were all young and I understood what they said.

One let a roar or shout and I bolted from the room. The three of them chased me all the way through the manor into the backyard where I leaped over the fence into the woods. I kept running and all the time could hear them behind me. Once I stopped to catch my breath I could hear them but I couldn't see them at all. I stayed in the woods till morning and only went back to the house when the milkman came at eight the next morning in his van.

I haven't seen the girl since but my grandmother has had experiences with the three men before. She's convinced that they can actualy physically hit you if you don't run. My mother claims when she was pregnant that they killed her cat by hurling it across the room and my dad won't go near the cellar at all for some reason.

Sometimes after I switch off the piano, I wake to find its turned on and playing a demo tune.

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