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The Pink Fairy and The Black Silhouette

Joel, Aukland, New Zealand
October 2010

Ever since I was 3 I would always see pink mist surround my hands and body, which I thought was awesome! I would always (and I still do) see the corners of my wall getting darker and darker to the point where I couldn't see the picture frames on the wall. This is when "the pink mist" would suddenly come out to form a barrier-like structure around my body.

One night, my aunt came over and slept in my room. She was on the bed and I was on the floor. Then it started to happen again, the corners of my room started to get darker then the pink mist came out. But this was different from last time, the darkness gathered up on one side of the wall and made a silhouette of a tall man. My aunt quietly whispered "Can you see him too?" I slowly nodded.

As the figure in the wall slowly completed itself, the pink mist suddenly gathered in the center of my room making a figure of a woman. Strangely I started to get excited, I sat up in my bed staring at the two figures then the pink figure looked back at me and gave me a smile whereas the black figure just invaded my walls making picture frames fall off.

I thought "Oh no, Mum's gonna hear this," but strangely no one came busting through my door. The pink figure floated towards my aunt and I and gave us a smile then suddenly she threw herself at the wall, erasing the black figure as she completely filled the room with her pink mist. As the mist started to die down my eyelids felt heavy as the pink figure wave at me and suddenly disappeared.

The next day I found my aunt sitting on the side of the bed as she smiled and laughed about the night before.

To this day the Pink Fairy (I made up her nick name) and the black figure still inhabit my room and I enjoy having them around otherwise I would be lonely during most nights.

Joel, Aukland, New Zealand
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