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The Pirates House, Savannah, Ga

January 2009

Last summer, my husband and I visited Savannah, Georgia. After walking around most of the afternoon, seeing the sights of the riverfront area, we decided to have dinner at The Pirate's House Restaurant, having no idea of the history of the place. Shortly after we were seated, I asked the waitress for the location of the restrooms. My husband, who also needed to "go" said he'd wait for me to come back.

As I approached the ladies room, I noticed that the men's room was farther down the same narrow hallway. So I decided I'd check out the location once I was done, so I could tell my hubby exactly how to get there. When I came out of the ladies room, I went down the hall, saw the turn to the men's room and then turned around to head back to our table. Suddenly, I heard and felt someone rushing up behind me. There were 4 distinct footsteps- they sounded like someone walking heavily, perhaps in boots, that clunked against the wood floor. It startled me, because they were coming up behind me so fast. I turned anxiously, only to see that the hallway was empty. No one there. The ceiling above that hallway was slanted, and you could tell the roof lay above, so I know it wasn't a sound coming from a floor or walkway above me.

Shaken, I returned to the table, and started telling my husband what I had experienced. Another waitress, seeing my expression, came over to ask what was wrong. When I told her, she said " Ah, you've met our Captain Flynn. Many folks have had experiences similar to yours, always centered around the area of the ladies room." I know for a fact that I felt someone rushing up behind me. I don't think I imagined it, because there was nothing to make me expect that kind of thing. In fact, it was the farthest thing from my mind. Needless to say, that experience was one of the highlights of our trip to Savannah!

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