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The Price of Vanity

Selangor, Malaysia
September 1998

Ilive in a country that maybe has the most interesting array of ghosts, probably because they aren't just foggy, misty or just hazy - sorry if I'm proven wrong. In our folklore, there are witches and wizards called Bomohs, the type of magic, either black or white is entirely up to them..and sometimes, they stray from their original paths, which does not bring about any good long term effects, as we'll soon know..

Bomohs like to use their magic to inflict pain on other people, mostly at the demand of some jilted lover or someone who is jealous of their beauty, and so forth.This time, I'm bringing on the subject of beauty.. Now, in not too long ago times, every woman and girl wanted to be pretty, they didn't care how, and they didn't think of the consequences that arose from their actions..Many of these young girls chose to go to a Bomoh, to have small fine needles inserted into their faces (Cucuk), and other various parts they want to make beautiful. This, I believe, sort of stemmed from an inferiority complex, but what the hey,I'm here to tell the story..:) So, these girls, as they say, were so beautiful, that whichever man she chooses will fall into the palm of her hands just like that. The story goes that one day, there's this young woman who was jilted by her lover for another much more pretty woman was so upset that she went to see a Bomoh. Well, the Cucuk worked, and soon, she got her man. Fast forward to 50 years, and this girl was as beautiful as ever, no wrinkles, and crows get what I mean..Anyway..her husband died, and it was unbelievable how well she preserved her youth, she didn't tell anyone and nobody knew her secret. .That is...until the day she was about to die.. It is said that when you have your Cucuk done, you must have the same Bomoh to take them out, or you would not be able to die. She sent people all over the island to go looking for the Bomoh, and word finally reached that he was long dead. As months progressed,her condition got worse, and there's nothing other people can do to help her, and soon, everybody left her..her body was decaying, and she smelt rotten, of stinking flesh,as her insides were rotting, but still, she can't go. Finally, a skilled Bomoh, who had met with her last Bomoh, heard about her, and went to have a look..there, he found her barely alive, and in pain, he tried to take the fine needles out, and he did, and as he pulled out the last needle, he could hear her say give thanks to God for ending her suffering..

This story is true, by the way..just look up ancient Asian folklores, and search real hard, it's really fascinating..,and yet..totally scary! :)

Selangor, Malaysia
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