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The Punk Rock Ghost

Ashley, CA, USA
April 2002

Ialways remember feeling like I was followed everywhere by someone (or thing). I stopped paying attention for a long time because I got used to it. For several years until recently I haven't felt anything. A few odd things have happened before, but for the past month, something happens on a daily basis.

My strange feelings became noticable again about two months ago. I was getting ready for school just as I always do, when I felt someone watching me in the mirror. This was creepy enough. The feeling left for a minute, but then I heard a whisper. I distinctly remember being able to make it out. It said "Come on...She's in here. Hurry before she leaves!" Since no one else was home, much less talking, this scared the crap out of me, so I ran to my room and started blasting my music. It happened to be punk music. I felt watched the rest of that day.

Nothing else happened that week, but the next week, my "punk rock ghost" came around. One night at exactly 1:23, my stereo started blasting. At first I thought I rolled over onto the remote, but when I looked for it to turn off my stereo, it was accross the room. I figured that I must have set the alarm by mistake. That is until the next night when the same thing happened. Except I realized that it was only 11:42 this time, and it was playing the 4th CD in my player. This requires you to push 6 buttons, plus the volume was way higher than I ever listen to it. I tried unplugging my stereo so it would reset. That did nothing. I started to notice a pattern though. The stereo always played one of the two punk rock CDs I had in. I decided to try some experiments. I tried rearranging my CD's. It still played the punk. When I took the punk Cd's out, to try and make it stop, It played my computer Juke Box, which is full of punk rock. One night it played the rock station on my alarm radio, while a Blink 182 song was on. I never put my alarm clock on that station. This happened every night for two weeks, always at a different time.

It even followed me to my friends house. It played the rock station on her stereo for us while Lucky 7 was on. Her stereo was tuned to the top 40 station. It didn't scare me, after a while it just got annoying. It's slowed down now. For the last few weeks it only happens once or twice a week. I'm not really sure what all of this means, but I find it very odd. This ghost isn't scary at all. Maybe its a teen rocker who died too early, or maybe its a poltergeist. Or my watcher from my earlier years trying to tell me something. All I know now is that this ghost likes punk rock. I'll never hear the Alkaline Trio without thinking of my Punk Rock Ghost.

Ashley, CA, USA
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