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The Read House

January 2003

It all started about a year ago. My Aunt, Uncle and two friends were going to spend the night in he Read House, supposedly haunted by the ghost of a woman who was brutally murdered in room 311.

We went there first just to check it out, but we still haven't stayed for the night.

As we walked in it felt very cold and empty. The only people there were the old janitor, a tobacco salesman and the desk clerk. As we walked into the lobby I thought I saw a woman dressed in white sitting in a chair on the floor above me. It freaked me out at first, but then the more I looked at her the the fainter her image became, until she was gone.

As we went upstairs on the elevator I seemed to feel like we were being watched. We went to the third floor. The elevator was already there but the doors did not open. We paused for a moment or two, then the doors opened and a large wind swept through. As we walked down the lonely dark corridor it seemed as though nobody was there, like everyone just disappeared.

As we visited different floors we came to long hallways that were closed off with large glass doors. Inside it was pitch black except for two tiny red eyes staring back at me.

We had lunch in the diner downstairs. As we were waiting for our food the lights went out, the power went out to the whole building. After that we left.

I am still longing to spend the night and capture on film another ghostly experience in the Read House.

The Read House is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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