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The Red Car

Natalie Bostock, QLD, Australia
April 2005

This first story I'm going to tell isn't very abnormal, but I wanted to share it with you anyway.

Six years ago my grandma died at a young age of 69. I was only 13 then, and it really hit me hard, as I had never had someone so close to be die before. For weeks I was effected by it and found it hard to do anything but cry.

To take my mind off things I went to stay with my aunty. At bedtime I was given the spare room to sleep in. I was at the point where your almost asleep but you can still hear everything around you. It was then that I felt someone near me, I then felt moisture on my forehead, like a wet kiss that only a grandparent could give. Shocked by it I jumped and turned on the bedside lamp to find no one else in the room. No one believed me at the time, and probably still Ont, but I know what I felt and I will never forget it.

The next story is one that is not a ghost story, but rather a bizarre encounter.

I was at the local shopping centre at Christmas time with 2 of my closest friends. As the shops were totally packed, we had to park at the furtherest carpark away from the shops, as there was barely any carparks left.

We then arrived at a pedestrian crossing. We proceeded to walk and we noticed someone walking towards us coming from the other direction of the crossing. This person was an Elderly lady and she locked eyes with me and all she said to me was "Beware of the red car". My 2 friends and I found it very odd for her to just say that and keep walking.

We then kept walking and we heard my friends mobile start to ring. we stopped for her to grab her phone, the ring only went off once, so we said to her "oh did someone prank you?" she looked at her phone to find no missed call, nothing. We disregarded this and continued to shop.

A few weeks had passed and it was a gorgeous day, so the same 2 friends and I had decided to go the Sunny Gold Coast for the day to the beach. I went and picked up one of my friends and then proceeded driving to my other friends house to pick her up.

We then went onto the Highway and found ourselves sitting behind a truck. This truck had a semi trailer on it. It was also doing 60KM/PH in a 100KM/PH zone. I then looked to see if any cars were coming, and I proceeded to overtake. At that moment when I overtook the truck, I then found up ahead in the road a RED car charging towards me at a high speed, I proceeded to go faster and faster as I could not get past the truck as the truck had started to accelerate its speed. At the last minute I managed to make it in front of the truck by the smallest inch.

My friend and I just pulled over on the side of the road and looked at each other with our hearts racing and just went..oh my god...beware of the red car.!

That was one bizarre experience we will never forget.

Natalie Bostock, QLD, Australia
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