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The Red Eyed Girl

Ann & Natasha, GA, USA
August 2004

These are true events that happened to my older sister. They took place before I was born but my mom has always told us about them.

We were never the richest of families. So when my sister was born my mom gladly bought a baby crib at a yard sale for half the price she would have paid at any store.

Not long after my sister started sleeping in the crib strange things started to happen. My mom would wake in the middle of the night thinking that my sister was crying only to find her asleep and the crib rocking violently on its own. After a few nights of attempting, with no luck, to get my sister to sleep in the crib, my mother decided to throw it out. She though that would be the end of the occurrences, but she was wrong.

When my sister was growing up she seemed to have an imaginary friend. From the time she was old enough to focus on anything until she was around five. She would tell my mother about a little girl that would hurt her. My sister described this girl as being like any other little girl but as pale as flour, with long, jet black hair that hung about waist length, a pale yellow Easter dress with matching gloves, sun hat, and basket, but the most distinct feature was her crimson red eyes that still haunt my sisters dreams.

This little girl and my sister seemingly grew up together. As she got older so did the red eyed girl. The little girl made many attempts to harm my sister. On one particular occasion my sister was taking a bath and all of a sudden the lights went out and when the lights came back on the little girl was there. The lights went out for a second time and my sister said she could see the little girls glowing red eyes coming towards her, then she felt like her head was being forced down towards the water. She screamed for my mother, but by the time my mother made it in the bath room the lights came back on and the little girl was gone.

Many other occurrences had happened, eventually my mother had had enough and decided to move from that house.

We never saw the little girl again after we moved.

Ann & Natasha, GA, USA
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