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The Restaurant

April 2006

My friend recommended this site to me so I could tell my stories. It is about where we work. I have been there longer than her, but she picked up right away what took me a few months to discover.

We are haunted.

I have worked at this restaurant and pub for a good year and more. I first noticed the anomalies when I was trained to be shift supervisor.

It started with the party room. It seems that every time we have a party in that room, right next to the restaurant, we cannot keep the door locked!

The first time it happened the big boss gave me a lecture on safety and why we have to make absolutely sure all outside doors are locked. I second guessed myself and figured it must have slipped my mind to lock the door. Well, the second party I had, I must have checked the door three times before I went home for the night. IT WAS LOCKED BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT!

The next afternoon the boss gave me another lecture on locking the doors.

WEll, the next party, the boss was having drinks in the pub with her family from out of town. I had her come with me and I locked the door in front of her eyes. She pulled on the door herself. It was locked. She made a comment on like, "That's safety," or something, and I cut her off and handed her the keys saying, "It will be unlocked tomorrow." She looked at me funny for a second, and I left to finish closing the room. By the way, she herad rumors from other employees that our place is haunted, but shook it off with skepticism. Now as I was saying, I handed her the keys. She was the only person with them.

The next morning..... I received an apology, because the door was unlocked! I would end the story there, but have you ever thought that some people seem to bring out activity? Well my friend who just started a few months ago is one of them.

Before she was hired, if we went up to do our paper work, we could hear odd things in the kitchen below us while we worked. Well since she started, the commotion is worse through the whole restaurant. We all see more shadows, hear our names being called out when we are the only ones there, we hear the telephone ringing when it is not, and doors opening and closing!

Let me start to closer to the begining.

She saw "IN HER MIND"S EYE" as she put it, a man in a bowling cap, and a woman as we would see most Amish people today. A bonnet, and black garb. She said that there was a terrible fire there, but could not discern as to if that's how the ghosts died, as the man thinks he is alive and is angry about the bad book keeping, and the woman is skittish, and she can barely see her let alone try to read her. She says that someone was killed in the building while it was a "ROSE GIN CO." in the 1800's.
Then she told us about where they roam.

The man likes the upstairs balcony, and floor area where our booths are. He likes to read the paper at B-5 (booth five people) The woman from what she could tell liked the kitchen, or our party room. She said she wasn't sure but she knew for sure there was something scary in the kitchen, a third being, that she chose not to read at all because it was so hurt, or evil.

Then she began to point out their shadows, and marks. Things we had always put of to "whatever" she showed us who it was. The shadows were both the man and woman. The doors opening she said she couldn't tell. The name saying was the cross between the man and woman, they each liked to pick on their favorite. Me by the man, and Jennifer by the woman. The dishes falling and breaking was the third party. The one she refused to read. When things would happen we would all be like "OOoo! Who did that?!" and she would tell us. But she asked us to keep it to minimum and figure out for ourselves because doing that makes her very tired she says.

When she finally became supervisor, I opened with her to make sure she knew the ropes. Well, we were going over the check list to be sure everything was done when she said under her breath, barely heard, "Don't move! With your peripheral vision, look up at the balcony." I looked as she said to and almost peed myself! The man with the bowling hat, and a suit was smiling and waving at us. As I gasped she looked up and waved with a big smile and said, "Hey sweetie! Just getting started here, we'll be fine!Don't worry so much!"
I couldn't speak. I have always believed in ghosts and all but this topped the cake of what I ever thought I would experience! Unlocked doors is one thing, but seeing something extraordinary! There are no words to describe!

After that, sometimes she would send me to a certain booth and she would ask across the room if it was cold. Every time it would be, and she would tease, "Well don't keep our customers waiting! See what he wants!" It freaked me out the first couple of times, but now I will play along and pretend to take his order,"One special, and a whiskey and water!"

We have other things happen too.

Sometimes when my friend bartends she asks me to stay with her until she does her register count. I haven't ever really heard anything "out of the normal" but, the last time was the worst. I went upstairs with her after we checked that the doors were locked. Well, while we were up there, I heard something I had never heard before and it made my skin crawl.

It started with the usual ruckus of the jiggling of pots and pans like someone was looking for something. Then it got loud and angry like what they were looking for could not be found, and they were fed up looking. Then all was silent for a brief moment. She looked up at me and held up one index finger, and then pointed down, as if she were pointing out a line in a song, and there was an extremely loud sound like someone had taken a cast iron skillet and thrown it against a wall.
Tears welled in her eyes and she said, "I'm sorry I just had to know if the noise was physical or in my mind's eye." I managed to choke out, "It's real!" I wanted to run but felt like I was glued to my seat at the same time. I felt like I had to go, but at the same time didn't want her to be alone! Eventually I got unstuck and made my way to her and gave her a hug. I was surprised to find she wasn't shaking like a leaf like I was!

Since then I have been more observant of shadows crossing my path and occupying "empty" spaces. I have also realised that I am not crazy, because sometimes I hear the back, LOCKED door shut/slam on its own accord. We are talking like 100 pounds of steel door here!

I still don't understand why I hear the rattling in the kitchen, and when she's here they get more violent. We discussed this once and I think it is because she is spiritual and can help them go home. But she says she doesn't do that anymore because of a really bad experience her and a few of her college friends had. But I told her, if she has a gift she should use it.

In finishing this account I will say, though we aren't supposed to talk about pictures unless we have them, she has a photo of the man and Amish woman. She has her own story for that, and she said she will submit them both. So...keep coming to castle of spirits and you will see it one day!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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