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The Rock House

Texas, USA
April 2000

We live in a very old and creepy looking house made out of large stones and rocks. We have lived here since 1982. It has been added on to throughout the year by previous owners. The outside of the house makes a wall for a new bedroom in the back of the house, Which is where most of the occurrences happen. People ask us all the time if our house is haunted because It looks that way.

Here are some experiences my family has had in the last few years.

The first thing that ever happened to me was when I was a Freshman in high school. I woke up at 2am something to get a drink of water. I could hear someone sniffing loudly in our living room (our house makes a circle from the living room to the dining room to the hallways where my room and my sister's room in located and back to the living room.)The sniffing went from one room to the other. I wasn't scared and didn't even go look to see what it was. I never told any one about it, I guess because I forgot, but 2 years later my sister said the same thing happened to her and she followed it around the house.

My sister's bathroom is in the back of the house and there are 3 steps you must go down to get there. She was in there when she heard someone step down them and in the mirror she could barely see someone walk into the back room, but couldn't make out any features. She looked in the room and no one was there.

Then this just happened a few months ago to my "non believer" parents. They are believers now.

My mother was standing in the doorway of their bedroom talking to my dad who was in the room. Their room is right across from the kitchen, in which you have to walk through to get to the back of the house. Anyway, my mother saw someone short walk by out of the corner of her eye. Thinking it was my little sister, who is very short, going to her bathroom, she went down to the back to talk to her. Not one light was on and no one was down there. They looked through the house and found no one.

That same night my parents were in the study, a little room past the kitchen, where there is a passage way from the study to the back room, playing on the computer. My dad was looking through his guns and came across one he had never seen before. My mother asked when he got it and he had no idea. He said he can't remember where he just picked it up from or how it got in his hand. My mother took it and looked at it and this is how she described it. "It was a little pistol with a long barrel. Real "old time" looking. It was shiny and beautiful like it had never been used or even touched." My father has no older guns. They looked in the gun and it was loaded. They freaked out because they don't keep loaded guns around the house. My mother took the bullets out and placed them and the gun in her dresser. Later that night my father asked my mother where she put it because he wanted to look at it again. She went to get it and it was gone.

Those are the only things that have happened. I will not sleep in the back room and neither will any of my friends. I tried a few weeks ago because I had to stay the night with my parents. I don't live here any more and my old room is occupied by my sister's friend. I could hear footsteps coming down the stairs and I even had all the lights on. I decided to sleep on the couch that night. I don't even like going back there during the day and we always have the door shut.

The only thing I don't understand is why its all in the back, its the new area. Maybe the first people who built the house, my best friend and neighbor's great grandfather, doesn't like the new addition to the house.

Texas, USA
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