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The Rocking Chair (1)

Shannon, NY, USA
October 2003

Let me tell you right now I am VERY interested in ghosts. I love them. But I never thought that my house would be haunted. Here are some stories. (Warning- this may be very long!)

I remember once I was sitting in the playroom upstairs watching TV- when the light went off- on- off- then on again. I remember being scared out of my mind remembering that my whole family was downstairs and there was no storm- for the other lights and things in the house didn't go off.

I also remember coming out of my dads room to glance upstairs- when I saw a figure just staring at me. I didn't know how- but I KNEW it was staring at me. I ran back to see if it was there but it wasn't.

Now a few more stories are:

I was doing a seance with my friend with candles. I remember that we blew all of the candles out except one- and told the spirit to blow it out and we'll come back. So we went onto the computer- (on this website!!) and came back. one candle was blown out. So then we said- (we knew it was still there- for it was freezing!) light the candle and we will come back. One candle was lit.

Now for the rocking chair-

We have a rocking chair that recently broke. It broke so that when you sit in it- you fall right through. Well I always find that cushion is in like some one sat in it- but no one ever does anymore.

Now I always hear footsteps coming toward my room. (I cant really say footsteps- more like creaks in the floor.) I am hearing footsteps right now above my head- but no ones upstairs. That always happens.

One more story (or two) I would like to share is that one night when I was trying to get to sleep- around 10 or 11- I hear two people talking. I couldn't hear what they were saying- but it was either 1 or 2 men and a women. of course that was when I was young- so I thought it was a robber. For the little things- I hear footsteps, bangs, knocks, and even sometimes doors slamming. I know this is long- but just two more stories!

I remember once I was going into the kitchen to make some tea- when I started to stare at this one little square re of light in the dining room. To this day I have no idea why I just started to stare. But then the square of light covered with a shadow. NOT mine.

the last story is when me and my friend were talking and listening to music. Suddenly- the CD stopped. We both still dont know why- but it did- right in the middle of the song. She also slept over that night- and while we were trying to get to sleep- we heard footsteps coming toward the room- I cried and she yelled for my mom. :)

Well There are a lot more but I am going to stop there. Thank you very much for reading.

Shannon, NY, USA
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