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The Séance

Joon, CA, USA
April 2002

The local high school in our area has a huge stage and is reported to be haunted. When I was a student attending this school I was witness to a few things. Things like seeing someone out of the corner of my eye and props on stage moving during a performance.

We were doing a play that required a huge and heavy bookcase that took three people to move. Every night we would set the bookcase up leave the stage turn around to see how everything looked and find that the bookcase had change positions. We know no one would have moved it because no one wanted to come under the wrath of the director. It wasn't just the bookcase other things would move and disappear.

I worked on the stage alone a lot at the time and I would always see someone behind the curtains or in the prop rooms. It was always the same image. A tall Boy with black hair dark eyes wearing a white tee shirt blue jeans and converse shoes. I never got frightened. In fact I enjoyed the company. I had told a few friends about what I was seeing and I was talked into holding a seance. There were five of us sitting in a circle and we placed a mirror on the floor between us. We joined hands and looked in the mirror and concentrated. Soon I saw something in the mirror. I saw someone standing a little to the right of one of my friends with his left hand on my friends shoulder. I wasn't sacred just a little sad.

The seance went on for about 15 minutes then we broke it off. Afterwards we talked about what we saw. The other four people saw rain falling and had feelings of sadness. One of my friends found it interesting that instead of me seeing water I started crying. She also felt something odd. The person sitting on her left his hand went ice cold and started to squeeze her hand.

We sat around talking for a while longer when we heard three loud knocks on the piano storage door. Ok now the piano was out on stage and the door to the little cubby was padlocked and there was only the one door so where could the knocks have come from? Needless to say we didn't stick around to find out. A few months later we saw a picture in an old yearbook and it was the same person I kept seeing on stage.

I know everyone says it but I really am sorry this is so long and I hope you enjoyed it.

Joon, CA, USA
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