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The Scariest Job I've Ever Had

October 2005

I worked graveyard shifts in a care center for a few years, and I saw a lot of strange things. For starters, the woman (I can't give many details to protect the privacy of the residents) in the second to last room down East hall could never sleep in that room. She would lay awake all night yelling and pushing her call light. I was always uneasy going into this room, but one night was worse than ever.

I had just finished rounds in this room and the other aid had moved on. I was stepping into the bathroom to wash my hands while fumbling for the light switch. All of a sudden I got very cold and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. Just as I started backing out of that tiny bathroom, someone touched my cheek. I turned around and ran all the way down the hall to the nurses station. I told the charge nurse and the other aides that were there what had happened, then went into the staff bathroom to wash.

Later that night, the nurses, other aides and I all went down to that room to see why the lady was screaming more than usual. We didn't make it in the door. Across the room from the doorway was a huge figure hunched over and glaring at us. It gave us all chills.

I went to my nephew the next morning and dragged him out of bed. He studies the Paranormal, so I thought he would be able to help me.

He got out a crystal, said a few words over it, and told me to keep it in my pocket, that it would pull the Demon out of the room and into to crystal. It just seemed to make things worse.

At times, as I was leaving that room, I felt as though some one was trying to make me stay. If I was trying to enter to offer comfort to the lady in there, I felt as though I was being pushed out. Even the door was slammed in my face! If I were in there doing rounds, I was often chased from the room. I was very glad when they finally quit assigning me that hall.

Another night I was walking away from the nurses station by what we call "the death room" when I heard my name spoken. I thought I was hearing things so the next time I walked down the hall, I made one of the other aides go with me. It happened again! But it was a young boys voice, and there were no children in the care center at all.

One more.

I have not often felt a presence in this house. But I have felt one on occasion. I have smelled a mans cologne when my husband has been gone. At these times strange things happen. Someone will start messing with my hair, or cupboards will open or close. Never scary, just playful. And adult But not this time. I was the only one in the house. My husband had gone to work early that morning, and my kids were at their grandparents for the day, so I decided to sleep in. I was laying in bed about half awake, when I heard a voice say "Mommy" right next to my head! I woke up immediately thinking it was one of the kids. But I was still alone. I don't know who or what it was, it gave me hope, since we are trying to have another baby. Maybe it was one of my future children?

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