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The Scary Happenings in Our Home

Layla, Marton, New Zealand
October 1999

OK, this was back in 1986-1990. We were living in Taunton, Somerset in England. We had just moved to this massive Victorian house. I thought it a bit odd at the time that the lady who moved out had been there all her life and was moving at quite a ripe old age, but I was young so it was soon forgotten.

We soon settled in and us kids loved the space. There was three floors but I always got a strange feeling when going up to the attic so I tried not to go there too much. My older brother and sister had a summertime bedroom up there and my brother always used to tell us that he could hear footsteps in his room when he was the only one there. He would misplace lots of things too, which is unlike him.

Weird things continued to go on but we all either ignored them or got used to them, but something happened that scared us all.

My sister was sleeping in her attic room and when she woke up she was screaming and fell down the stairs. We all ran to her and she just told us to go in her room. When we did we saw something incredible. Her wall had been plain before, just painted white with a few posters on but now on the left wall was a picture of a big ship sailing in a storm. What was strange was that it was not drawn on but had been moulded into shape with plaster or paint or something so you could "feel" the picture with your hands. Mum ushered us out and we hardly saw our parents all day.They spent a lot of time on the phone. My sister said when she saw it she got real scared and started to hit the picture. When she did this she felt someone push her out of the room and almost down the stairs.

We were sent to stay with friends while the house was packed up and we moved out. I later found out that my parents contacted the lady, Mrs.Brown who moved out before us and found out that her husband had died days before she left. He fell out of the attic window that was my brothers room. It was not known if it was suicide or an accident. But what was amazing was that he was an artist who specialised in ships and the sea, and he used to get very upset and angry if someone disapproved or disliked his work.

The house is still there and I visited it in April '99 before moving to New Zealand. It was a beautiful house and I have lots of memories from there. I don't know who lives there now but I often wonder if they have experienced any weird goings on!

Layla, Marton, New Zealand
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