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The Scary Stuff Starts

Ronald Bakunin,Perth, Australia
October 2015

So, It’s really late at night, about 04:20 and I go on a game called Garry’s Mod and play with my friends. Not even an hour later I get pretty tired, So I go to brush my teeth. Only to find a creepy shadowy figure standing in the hallway, I absolutely freeze. I’ve always thought how horrible it must be hallucinating, but this was real. I turn around and go into my room, close the door behind me. I didn’t want to go to sleep at all, even though I was really tired. I try to call my friends on Skype, to tell them what the hell has just happened, but they had all gone to bed. So I lay down in bed, and turn the TV on. I go on Netflix and starting watching the series I watch. Then when I’m some minutes in a episode, the TV turns off. Without me touching the remote or anything. I lay confused looking at the TV, then I get what’s happening, I lay in my bed horrified. I turn my body around on my side so that I face the wall, then I fall asleep.

I slept for about an hour or two so it was about 6 in the morning, it was pretty light outside. I thought about waking up telling my mom what had happened, but when I open my eyes I figure out that the light in my room is changing a lot. I open my eyes more and I notice that the light switch is being turned on and off. I lay down in bed, and I think to myself; WTF? When I layed there I actually wanted to start crying because I hadn’t experienced anything like that before.

Recently I have sold my house because a lot of weird happenings have occurred, like the TV in the living room has been turning on and off. My telephone and other objects have been found on places I haven’t put them. Also the cabinet doors had been opened when I was at work once.

Ronald Bakunin,Perth, Australia
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