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The Schoolhouse Watcher

October 2001

Six years ago, when I was ten years old, my older cousin, Erica, convinced me to go creekwalking. She lives in Harford county, a place that has many farms and creeks around it.

We walked around a few trails in the woods enjoying the scenery when the sun started to set. I whined and complained that we should be going back to her house soon but she told me that there was one more trail that she wanted to take.

Reluctantly, I followed her through the prickly bushes and trees untill she stopped quite suddenly. Her face lit up as she stared at an old one- room schoolhouse. Staring at its blackened exterior she told me that she had never seen it there before and that we should "Check it out". I stayed close behind her and peered into one of the glass-less windows. Finding nothing of interest I told her to go on in without me.

After a few moments passed, something caught my eye. I looked up and on the very top of the schoolhouse was what appeared to be a statue. It was deadly still and had a faint glow, its face was lifted toward the sky. I examined its face and found that it had no features. I thought it odd that I had not seen it there before. A second later, it brought its hands up and folded them; a movement almost too quick for me to follow. When I could finally speak, I called my cousin with a shaky voice. She came running out and seeing the look on my face asked if everything was alright. I pointed to the top of the schoolhouse, and found that it had disappeared. Erica glanced at the direction of my finger then looked back at me. It was then that I told her all that I had seen and begged her to take me home. She laughed at me for awhile, saying that "I almost had her", and she probably still doesn't believe me. That was my only ghostly- experience ever and it will be something I will never forget.

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