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The Schoolyard

Louise Riccio, Surrey, UK
November 2000

Well, it was a few years ago now that it happened. I was a bit of a naughty girl when I was around my friends and we were up to our usual tricks!!

It was a clear, dry, summers night, and we were bored. So we decided to do one of our usual tricks and climb the school yard gates to go in the outdoor pool! We did this quite often in the summer.
We had to walk through the school yard to get to the pool. Unluckily for us, the yard ran alongside the local graveyard. Nothing had happened before, so we'd got used to it and weren't too bothered.

As we were walking through the yard, we saw a ball of white mist floating about 3 foot off of the ground. It was a couple of meters away from the hedge of the graveyard, so we started to wonder about what it could be.

It wasn't mist, as it was too dry at night. It wasn't a spider web as it was hovering above tarmac.

We weren't seeing things as all five of us saw it. It wasn't dust as it stayed there for around 10 minutes.
We then decided to take a closer look. As we reached about 2 meters from the mist, it began to move and change form. It turned into a line and slithered like a snake would back into the bushes of the graveyard, still hovering above the ground.
Now we were terrified, and ran like the wind!! I had a spiritualist that lived down my road at the time, we suspected the 'thing' was related to the graveyard, so we decided to give the spiritualist a little visit.

We described the experience to him in great detail, and said that all five of us had seen exactly the same.
He said that what we saw was a friendly, spiritual guard, of the graveyard. We were told we were lucky that it was white, as a blue mist would have been a poltergeist, which aren't friendly at all!!

It was the strangest and most frightening experience of my life, and I never went back again!!

Louise Riccio, Surrey, UK
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