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The Shadow (2)

Saima Naqvi, Pakistan
December 2002

My name is Saima Naqvi. I live in Karachi, Pakistan. I am about to share my own experience with you.

It all started when my father died on September 1994. As a daughter, I was so close to my father because I was born after 3 of my brothers. A day before my father died, my all-remaining family and I were having a tea in the lounge with father. I was 15 years old at that time. So, I told my father that I feel scared while going to my tuition Center in the evening because it gets so dark at that time and it is really a desolate place. My father smiled and said " I promise you that I will be there with you all the way to going to your tuition center and returning to home". I said, " Papa always remember, you have made a promise and you have to fulfill it". Then the talk was over.

Next day my father died due to a severe heart attack. For one whole week, I couldn't go for study to my tuition center. After a week or so, I was on the way to my tuition center when, suddenly I felt that a shadow was walking with me. I tried to find out whether it's my own shadow. But there were 2 shadows on the road, one was mine and one was some other person. I was scared to death and ran to my home.

The same thing happened the next day. That shadow was with me when I went and when I returned to home. It was as if that shadow was there to protect me. I didn't tell any one because nobody would have believed me. But that shadow remains with me for all the days of my tuition.

On the last day of my tuition, I was returning back from home, I reached the door of my home and I heard my father's voice saying, " Now, I have fulfilled my promise". After this I don't know what happened because I fell on ground and fainted.

Saima Naqvi, Pakistan
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